Lazy and Lovin’ it: How to Rock Eid-ul-Azha without Breaking a Sweat!

2023 is all about selfcare and slowing down. Who needs the hustle and bustle in this crazy heat wave when you can embrace your lazy side and still have a festive, fun-filled eid? Eid is synonymous to dressing up but this intense heat, coupled with Qurbani related chores can make the idea of getting ready for Eid a tad bit daunting.
Who says you can't do that while keeping it conversational, fun, and oh-so-comfy? Let's dive into the world of lazy chic and discover how to rock your Eid outfits with a sprinkle of style and a whole lot of relaxation!

Kickstart your Lazy Day in Style

Picture this: It's Eid ul Azha morning, and you wake up feeling oh-so-lazy. The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the thought of rushing around just doesn't appeal to you. Switch the hurried breakfast with a lazy, late brunch. You can absolutely have a lazy start to your Eid and still be in the festive spirit! How, you ask? By embracing the ultimate comfort of your favourite, oh-so-comfy clothes!

Slip into these light-as-air co-ords from our Poised collection and get ready to serve someserious style at the brunch table!

Accessorise with some pearly studs and get ready to feel like a million bucks without compromising on that lazy-day comfort.Buy it online for Rs 6498!

All Hands on Deck Approach!

Gather 'round, everyone - it’s time to tackle all the qurbani related chores like a pro! Slip into something comfy and gather the squad – family, friends, and anyone willing to help. Assign tasks, create a system, and turn this meat distribution process into a lively team effort.
Picture aprons tied, laughter in the air, and a mountain of meat awaiting.
Make it fun by setting timers, taking silly selfies, and turning it into a friendly competition. Remember: efficiency and enjoyment go hand in hand! You’ll get the work done in a fraction of the time and you’ll make memories that will last you forever!

Our Summer Swirl shirt is black - which means it can hide any and all forms of stains. The cheery print and hints of denier will (almost) make you forget you are elbows deep in meat. Pair with a loose shalwar and beat the heat! Get it for Rs 4198 online!

Virtual Hugs & Emoji Wishes

If you're feeling extra lazy and want to celebrate without leaving your bed, slip into a stylish tunic like this one from our Balochi Craft collection and go virtual! Set up a video call party with your loved ones and have a blast sharing Eid greetings, goofy selfies, and virtual hugs. From burnt biryanis to awkward family photos, let's celebrate the imperfections and show that lazy Eid moments can be just as beautiful (if not more!) than the picture-perfect ones and get ready to fire up your Instagram game.

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Embrace the motto of Chai > Anything & Everything

Who needs fancy feasts when you can have a chai-filled catch-up instead? Ditch the pressure of massive spreads and focus on the heart of Eid – catching up and having gup shup over a humble old chai ki piyali. So, what to wear? Keep it festive but minimal. An outfit which needs minimal accessories is your go to - keep your face fresh, styling to a minimum and let your jora do the talking.

This 3 piece from our Metallic Muse collection is a perfect fit - breathable lawn fabric embellished with specks of mukesh, complete with a jacquard dupatta. Get it for Rs 10,998 online.

Traditions don't have to be exhausting to be meaningful. Let's explore lazy yet heart warming traditions that bring joy to our Eid celebrations. From a family game night with hilarious consequences to a cosy movie marathon snuggled up with loved ones, let's create traditions that allow us to relax, bond, and cherish the special moments of Eid.

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