Lahore’s favourite stylist, Mehek Saeed shows how to simplify your wardrobe to 5 GENERATION essentials!

We love engaging with our style stars and thought it would be fun to throw a challenge Mehek Saeed’s way which would get her thinking about buying smart, buying less, and making the most of the few things she deems absolutely essential to buy for this season!

Mehek shares some great tips that you too can apply when collecting your summer haul, so you save up on your cash-flow and look stylish as hell without looking like you even tried ;)

So without much further ado, Take it away Mehek!

1- Green Queen

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Green is my favourite and this is in a shade of it that I'm particularly coveting these days.I wore it belted at the waist for some definition. I had some fun with the second look converting the dress into a skirt with a button down tied to the top half. I wore a statement neck piece I had and styled it with Peshawari chappals.

2- Dupatta days are here again

We all know the many uses of a dupatta - #100waysofusingadupatta is really no stretch and there are many more.
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Keeping my pants the same for both, for the first I put through a bangle to the top half and tied it behind my neck. For the second I did the same and added some folds to increase the length. Everyone will probably own some version of the neutral pants and shoes I paired the dupatta tops with.

3- Whatchya Sari about?

If I could wear one thing for the rest of my life – it would be saris. I wanted to wear the sari both as how the maker intended and then put an edgy spin on it with a pant and blazer.
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The black blazer, pants and blouse I paired the sari with are wardrobe staples that everyone already must own and if they don’t a trusty tailor should make them for you, pronto!

4- Romancing with chiffon

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This top is another fuss free summer number that is a good to have in the wardrobe because it can be worn with with almost anything. For my white on white eastern look I wore it with my absolute favourite shalwar, a GENERATION one I nabbed online and for my western look I wore it with my black mom jeans.

5- Line up for these pants!

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These pants are great because they’re made of a light material and in vertical stripes which are always flattering. For some visual pattern play fun, I paired them with a polka dotted shirt I had but one can just as easily pair them with a kurta or a button down shirt. Happy styling! We’re so on board with Mehek's choices! Shop from these or pick out your own summer essentials to buy from

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