Red; the sign of life, often demonized as the colour that may be “too much,’ hiding behind stereotypes like “budhi ghori laal lagaam”, mostly reserved for the desi dulhan and seldom making it to everyday wardrobe staples. But who said being “too much” can’t be a staple in your wardrobe? Gone are the days of blending in with conformity and trying to tone yourself down. Laal shokh rang hai tou kya hua? Hum bhi tou shokh hain. How about this season, you debunk cultural stigmas and normalize shades of crimson in your everyday wardrobe. Once you’ve decided to fully embrace the shokhpun of red, here is the next step. Now we know you’re looking to walk into a gathering and turn heads. For that, laal is the way to go, my ladies! Example: ever notice how most traffic signs are in red? Wonder why? It is the most quickly received colour by the human eye Now you stand out in the crowd but you wonder how red is associated with your personality and emotions? Well for that, think of the sun, of blood and of fire. All of these are major signs and sources of life and none other than red, in one shade or the other, is common to all of them! Our laal joray will add to your fiery, vibrant aura for when you stand up to some typical desi aunties like the non-conforming flame you are. One more thing: red brings out the warm undertones in our beautiful gandumi rungat! So flaunt your chai coloured skin and sunset eyes as the red brings out the warmth in your skin. Finally, red is the ultimate colour to represent all intense jazbaat such as love, passion, danger and adventure adds a sense of festivity and an added confidence that comes packaged with that. Whether you like bright reds melting into oranges, or crimsons, maroons and scarlets, whether you love minimal styles or bharay huay joray, we have a wide range of options for you! Pleats are so cute and feminine! This embroidered tunic in plain maroonish red with printed culottes creates a lovely contrast while the flowiness of the outfit is perfect for the summer.
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Jacquard never grows old! For a deeper red, delve into shades like maroon with these Chintz co-ords in summery floral prints adorned with embroidery . The printed resham khaadi net dupatta brings a wow factor to the deepness of the maroon!
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Girls, tilla is the way to go when you don’t want to make a huge effort. The Asian Fusion co-ords is perfect for a classic look. Get this starry tilla co-ords in bright red, paired with a shalwar.
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Try the Gull Jacket Shirt in jacquard with button details if you like to mix and match different pieces in your outfit! Pair it with a gharara or a straight pant for the ultimate look.
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For a shorter dress, go for the Gull Shirt in jacquard but with added ronakein like gota dori, metal rivets and hanging tassel dori.
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The classic desi trio: shalwar, kameez and dupatta for a basic traditional look in our Mohr Suit Classic fit for the summer, embroidery and hand block printed for an added oomph, and dupatta to tie it all together with a bang!
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Chunri galore! This hand embellished lehnga choli (with a cropped choli if you’re feeling more dangerous) is in contrasting red and yellow for a major statement while the raw silk adds a touch of subtle extravagance.
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The mukesh ka kaam brings this hand screen printed Mother of Pearls coordinates to life while the red is contrasted next to the black and white. Definitely a crowd pleaser.
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Tell us how you turn heads in reds with hashtag #laalaursurkhi and comment below!

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