There’s something so charming about adorning ones hair with a paranda... something so unapologetically desi, so unapologetically ours! The entire process of meticulously weaving our thick, long hair (thank the South Asian genes) into a braid and tucking the gold and colourful tassels into a knot itself involves the utmost love and care. And it’s no surprise that countless songs have been inspired by the humble paranda! *gutt teri kaali te paranda tera laal plays loudly in the background*

Yes we know quite a lot of people have sadly labeled the paranda as “paindoo” but truth be told, we don’t think any other accessory can instantly bring up the oomph factor of a jora than the colourful strands of a beautifully woven paranda.

Plus, we have a tohfa for you! We, here at GENERATION have taken our own unique spin at the paranda and have made it hip and “cool” again! It’s time for all the desi Rapunzels to let down their hair and follow the: if you’ve got it, flaunt it motto.

In ancient times, thick abundant hair was a sign of beauty for women. That’s where the paranda entered the scene. Initially worn by Punjabi women who didn’t have many accessories to decorate their hair with, the paranda soon made its way into becoming an identity for Punjabi women across the subcontinent. The Paranda is braided along with the wearer’s natural hair to make the braid or hair look thicker. It is a traditional extension and ornament that both thickens and decorates a plait.

It is usually a long tassel or braid, made by hand from cotton, silk, rayon or synthetic yarn, it is separated into three sections, each of which finishes with a tassel. It is generally black, an attempt to emulate natural hair, but also in bright colours with added embellishments, such as beads or mirror work. The tassels follow each motion of the wearer, creating flashes of colour and emphasizing movement.

Parandas have made their way back into fashion and people love putting a creative spin on it. Case in point: Zara P in this fun, festive number!

Braids are also back en vouge as seen in Paris Fashion Week by the likes of big fashion powerhouses such as Alexander Mcqueen and Chanel.



How creative can you get with your parandas? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #stepoutside to be featured on our Instagram and Gen Loves!


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