In the smart world where LED screens are taking over most of our work and simplifying life for us, it gets easy to get carried away and lose the essence of the past. At GENERATION, we constantly strive to merge past with the present and give you clothes that carry the traditions of the queens that the women of the subcontinent are; strong, diverse and their feminine energy withstanding the trials of time.

With the Kacho Pakko collection, GENERATION aims to keep alive the indigenous crafts of Kacho and Pakko. The taankay ke tareeqay are intricate and time consuming, The Kacho technique originated from Tharparker in Sindh and has historically been linked to the areas surrounding Diplo and Mithi in central Tharparker. This area is popularly linked with the Sodah Rajpoots of the nineteenth century who used this form of embroidery in their apparel and home interiors.

The Pakko technique is known for its sturdiness and longevity. Pakko is derived from ‘pakka’, which means, permanent. The motifs used in Pakko are both geometric and floral. Mirrors, called tika are used as the centers of the flowers and to make border designs.


What if, you’re in a mood to carry on the legacy of the women of the land through the rich culture that we have cultivated over the centuries, and want to represent the plethora of prismatic phases the art of this world has been through? Might we suggest you opt for the Kacho Pakko Co-ords? The shirt has got the colours, the mirror work and the architecture all in one to embody the vibrancy of the past, all in a modern cut.

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If you’re looking for a shirt that mirrors the warmth of the dessert and accentuates the energy that comes from being in the south of the land, then this energetic shirt from the Kacho Pakko collection. It’s a bright yellow base with floral embroidery that – in its visuals - radiates spunk.

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Sometimes a girl just needs to lay back and go through life without giving a care about anything. It’s okay to go through one of those day to be honest. We all need them. Go for this Kacho Pakko kurta for those moments. It’s stylish, yes, but it has double sided pockets for lazing in style.

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With this black cotton shirt embellished in colourful Kacho Pakko embroidery, you don’t have to worry about Instagram aesthetics. With scattered embroidery all over the shirt, it’s the burst of colour in the darkness that will guide you to the high ranks of Instagram grid to envy!

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So what do you think about the crafts of Kacho and Pakko? Aren’t they exciting and novel? Which of the above shirts do you think will end up on your Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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