In Conversation with the girl on the Go: Zainab Hashim

The other day my cook came to me and said with the utmost frustration “baji, half the kitchen and the house is found in your car”- as he carried 5 cups, 2 spoons and some lunch boxes inside.
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Zainab Hashim, a corporate executive and style icon, has the same predicament. Her bag is bigger than she is but it’s because she carries everything from a change of clothes, to shoes, to food! She admits to sometimes upsetting the uncle waiting in queue behind her at the traffic signal, as she puts on mascara! To her defence, "I do live in my car! I carry clothes (in case I need to be seen in places that require different versions of me), I carry lunch, my coffee mug, my laptop, chargers, the WiFi device, makeup, shoes… and the list is never ending". She dries her hair in the car and eats in the car and the only thing she hasn't tried is sleeping in the car! Zainab transforms her work looks to evening looks by adding a pop of color to her eye lids, or through her delicious collection of accessories! She is often also crammed for time to have lunch. Between meetings and plans and work and the drive, there are days when there is no time to sit down and have her lunch in peace. So she takes out the lunch she packed for herself during the day and have it, in her car.
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"The worst is having to dress for a wedding and wearing something elaborate"! says Zainab. She wears her sneakers in the car whilst carrying her heels with her.
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Do people look back and stare while you drive around like this? “I wouldn’t know. I have no time to notice those who have a problem with me living my best life!” Girls- learn to drive. Carry your home and babies with you. Get around- get stuff done! The roads are as much yours as anyone else’s! Do you wait for the red signal to quickly fix your makeup or eat your lunch? If yes, we get you and Zainab's right there with you! Featuring: Zainab Hashim Concept: Marya Javed

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