Happy Birthday Virgo ladies! Vibrant, versatile, vivacious- these are just a few qualities of people born under the Virgo sign. Sensitive and emotional, Virgos are perfectionists almost to a fault. They are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and indecisive almost all the time. If only you had a magic ball that you could consult every time you needed some sartorial advice...oh wait we have something much, much better. Generation has constructed this ah-may-zing guide to help you plan your next winning outfit. So my dear Virgos take notes – because your fashion horoscope style guide has arrived.


Gorgeous Greens An Earth sign to the core, it’s no surprise Virgos are nature loving and will pick ferns over friends. Don’t be surprised to find a Virgo strolling about in the garden rather than indulging in the ‘Haw Maham and Sara wore the same jora to the last tea party’ gossip. Born during the transition season, it’s time to reap the fruits of labour by treating yourself to these gorgeous outfits at Generation. Our Milan to Multan Co-ords are the perfect pick for a semi-formal affair. A boxy kurta with gota details and a crushed dupatta, wear this to your next event and make everyone green with envy! Shop in stores and on Elegantly Earthy Maybe it’s the Mother Teresa in you (a fellow Virgo, btw) but you tend to dress in colours that harmonize with the down-to-earthiness within you. Your sartorial preferences reflect your personality as you tend to grab clean, natural colours. This Sketchy Front Slit Shirt in the perfect shade of milky off-white has an eccentric design without being overly OTT. What more could a Virgo ask for? Shop in stores and on


Tastefully Tailored It’s no surprise that you are a sucker for the classics. In fact, you are the little black dress of the zodiac wardrobe. Virgos are known for being practical, no nonsense and extremely detail oriented. Since you are as practical as you are fanciful, look for tiny embellished details in your garments. Our Global Culture Kurta is impeccably tailored to perfection. With tiny mirror work and top stitch details, this understated bling with golden thread details is just what is missing from your wardrobe. Shop in stores and on Fantastically Feminine Long, flowy silhouettes should be your go to this season. Take inspiration from your zodiac sign which symbolizes the maiden, unleash your feminine side, your Blake Lively, your Kareena Kapoor and dress yourself in this fantastic piece by Gen. Our Revival East Co-ords in blush pink are a sight for sore eyes! Complete the look with delicate jewelry and a fresh motiya ring wrapped around your finger that resonates with your sensitive and emotional side. Shop at and in stores today. With the change in weather, this is an exciting time for people to make confused fashion choices. You may be the pumpkin spice latte of the zodiac lot but don’t let anyone make you believe you’re basic. With Gen’s guide, prove everyone that Virgos are the queens of the zodiac when it comes to style. What about all the Virgos out there? Can you see yourself wearing either of these outfits? Let us know in comments! Cover illustration : Mariam Ibraaz

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