Happy Birthday all you cool cats! You are truly, truly blessed because for all you Capricorns, your birthday could NOT have come at a better time. Why, you ask? Because our annual winter sale is live so this is the perfect time to treat yourself. Buckle up because it’s going to be an exciting ride! Here is GENERATION’s birthday present for you: an exclusive guide to make you look like the classy creatures you are.



Capricorns are smart shoppers. And they shy away from bold colours because of their practical nature. Naturally drawn towards neutrals especially grey, don’t be surprised if you look (and feel) best in fifty shades of grey!

Our Arras Dosser Koti is inspired from the sophistication and varied patterns of vintage Russian Bessarabia carpets. A perfect pick for your Capricorn friend!

Shop in stores and online: for PKR.2,898/-

Our ‘Ethnographic’ suit is paired with a stripy shawl and straight pants and has minimalistic velvet embroidery on the front.

Shop for PKR 3,998 ONLY at


Capricorns are very down to earth – that’s not surprising because they are an Earth sign. Deep tones of green as well as moss green generate positive energy which is why Caps like to surround themselves with it.

Shop our ‘What’s up Warhol’ tunic with flared sleeves and a boxy cut for PKR 1,998 at today!

Shop our pleated ‘Winter Gold’ oversized sweatshirt for PKR 2,498 at



You know you are a Capricorn when ALL your clothes are “work appropriate.” Being one sign that actually enjoys working, Capricorns LOVE to dress the part. Crisp, professional attire is their go to. You prefer clean cuts and your style can perfectly be described as “practical, tailored chic.” Shop our ‘Boho Gypsy’ Blazer for PKR 1,295 at


Shop our Spliced Geometry Blazer online: for


Shop this collared ‘Denim’ tunic with cuffed sleeves and an invisible placket for PKR 1,698 at


You’re not an attention seeker, and prefer to stay bundled up at home as opposed to partying hard at the next big festival. This reflects on your choice of clothes too. You prefer longer silhouettes and floor grazing lengths. Always the conservative Cappy, you make sure not a hair is out of place as you step out of the house! Get the ‘Sindh Bouquet’ front open shirt for PKR 1,698. It can also double as a birthday gift for the special cappy in your life. Shop at Shop our Multani Expedition tie around jacket with print inspired from the works of Toshi Yoshida.

Shop here: for PKR.2,498/-


Sophisticated and classy (think Kate Middleton) you rely on timeless classics. You love comfy pieces that add a twist. Simple clean and focused – that’s their style statement. Capricorns can get away with wearing more traditional cuts and not look boring! Shop our ‘Flat Abstract Suit with mirror work and embroidery details. Paired with a classic fit susi shalwar and striped dupatta for PKR 6,198 at your nearest store and online:

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