Eight Awesome Outfits For Mommies To Be

No need to raid the maternity section!

Attention all mommies-to-be, the second trimester has arrived with all its beautiful bulkiness. What do you do? Option A: Sloth around in your hubby’s oversized tees. Option B: Go shopping! The lawn jora you had so lovingly ordered just a few weeks ago has given up on you. It refuses to travel even a millimetre below your diaphragm, making way for a sudden realisation: what are you going to wear for the next few months? According to Cara Waterfall, a contributor for Today’s Parents, “There’s nothing to be gained by procrastinating on maternity clothing purchases — embrace your new silhouette! You’ll breathe a lot easier once you wear clothes that fit.” It is time to give your wardrobe a massive uplift. And that too without heading to the maternity section! We scoured through our fresh and colourful spring collection to bring you the comfiest of designs along with some tips and tricks. Tip 1: Look for designs that will also complement your post-pregnancy figure This flare-y Pattan Patola Anarkali is a no-brainer for mommies to be. When in a rush just pull it over your head and step out. This flared tunic can easily be dressed up with fancy accessories and a bold lip. Buy it for PKR 4,398. Tip 2: Invest in multi-purpose pieces This frock from the Profound Collection has a loose silhouette, a drawstring to adjust the waistline, and comes with multiple styling options. You can wear it with comfy tights, breathable culottes or even just as it is. Buy it for PKR 3,498 Tip 3: Watch out for flared sleeves Style expert Amy Tara Koch, who has written the book Bump It Up, suggests to invest in “kimono sleeves that instantly create the bohemian vibe that works well in maternity wear”. Not only does this Reminiscence suit come with flared sleeves inspired from the kimono, it also boasts running kaantha stitches. A total win-win if you ask us! Also helps if you’re in the mood to take attention away from the tummy. Buy it for PKR 7,498 Tip 4: Don’t compromise on style Thank god, dresses are in vogue big time! This Alchemy Organza Breeze dress will serve you well during the post-Ramazan wedding season and those evening soirées where you’re expected to wear something other than your cotton kurta. Buy it for PKR 12,000 Tip 5: Invest in basics A comfy shalwar, a loose-fit breathable top, and a dupatta to block those harmful sun rays during your frantic end-of-pregnancy shopping trips; this Bagh-e-Gul suit ticks off all the requirements. Buy it for PKR 6,598. Tip 6: Don’t stop looking sexy Feel safe to invest in drawstring tunics especially when they’re longer in length! Take this Scarlet fever draw-string dress as an example. Buy it for PKR 3,498. Tip 7: Set a budget! This is one of the most important points to consider before going all crazy with your wardrobe revamp. You don’t want to overspend and then feel absolutely miserable after nine months! So invest in pieces like this affordable Fruits of labour off-shoulder tunic which ticks all the boxes of the perfect maternity wear. Buy it for PKR 2,898. Tip 8: Flaunt that bump…if you want to that is! While it may be the most comfiest option, being preggers doesn’t mean you hide yourself in yards and yards of fabric. So, on days you feel like flaunting that bump, go ahead and do it with this Begum Bahar suit. And no, we aren’t contradicting ourselves, this will serve you well after you’ve lost your pregnancy weight, so the investment is worth it! Buy it for PKR 11,498.

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