Celebrating Chaand Raat with Your Loved Ones: Ideas for a festive night out

Close your eyes and let your memory take you back to your childhood days when Chaand raat wasn't just another boring night in. Try and remember the excitement of getting together with your cousins for a sleepover - all the giggles and banter.

Remember how we’d all sit in line and wait for our turn to get henna from that one chachi or mumaani who puts on the prettiest designs? The competitive spirits after over who will get the darkest stain.

We would scour our houses and find anything and everything we could use for our eid cards. Rushed trips to the nearest bazaar (despite abba’s annoyed grunts) to get last minute matching chooriyan and thappay from the stalls hold a special place in our hearts. It was a magical time indeed with lights, laughter and chatter. Somehow along the way we grew up and let go of that magic. But enough of the boring Chaand Raatein of years gone by. This year, Generation is officially petitioning for Chaand Raat to be great again. And we would love nothing more than for you to celebrate with us.

Go out to see the lights - and decorate your terrace!

You know what we love about Eid? It's the perfect opportunity to bring a little bit of festivity and joy into our lives. And, let's be honest, decorating is a huge part of that! I mean, who doesn't love seeing colourful lights, beautiful lanterns, and elegant decorations everywhere they go? So, why not get creative and have some fun with it this year?

This year, we decked up our stores all across the country in the spirit of Eid and we hope this will bring back fond memories and motivate you to create new ones.

To help you in your quest for invoking the festive spirit, Generation is giving a FREE DIY diya kit with every purchase from the store!

Get Eid cards…or better yet, make some with your friends

Perhaps one of our fondest eid memories dates backs to school days when we would excitedly make and distribute eid cards amongst friends. We would gather all the stickers and glitter we could and get to work. To revive the spirit of card exchange on eid, Generation gas partnered with the extremely  talented calligraphers from Hast o Neest and set up an extremely fun activity where you can customise your eid cards and eidi envelopes and gift them to your loved ones. This offer is valid till chaand raat so rush to our stores and dont miss your chance!

We also have beautiful Eid cards available at our stores which you can purchase - exclusively illustrated by the talented Mahoor Jamal.

#StepOutside to get Mehendi and Chooriyaan

This Eid is a little extra meethi because we partnered up with the INSANELY talented Sarahs henna to stock up on her 100% natural henna cones. Simply visit any store and purchase her 100% natural and safe henna which comes with a sealant and have a fun night in with your girlfriends!

Need eid inspo? We’ve got you covered. Check out our favourite eid designs here:


We also have the famous Hyderabadi chooriyaan available for purchase at select stores.Try to get your hands on them before stocks run out!.

How are you planning to spend your chaand raat? Let us know in the comments below!

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