5 Kickass Slogans for Women’s Day
Not sure what to write on your poster? We’ve got you covered

March is here and International Women's Day is just around the corner. If you're privileged
enough to be reading this article from the comfort of your own home, consider it our
collective moral obligation to speak up for the under-represented fellow women of our
community. One way we can do that is by marching in solidarity, carrying eye-catching and
thought provoking slogans and placards. If your creative gears are a bit rusty, don’t worry.
You came to the right place! Here are 5 Kickass Slogans for Women’s Day!

Taarnay per tax hota tou mulk default na karta

Much in line with the economic state of the country, this quirky slogan highlights how women
find it almost impossible to step out of the house without having hundreds of pairs of eyes
following them and making them uncomfortable. Seriously, lets reclaim public spaces and
maybe shift our gaze towards the more pressing problems that the country is facing instead
of passing comments on the way women are dressed.

Khana garam kar deti hoon, diaper tum badal dou

Pakistan has amongst the highest number of unpaid domestic workers. Apart from domestic,
household chores, women are solely responsible for childcare and tarbiyat. It’s time for men
to step up and play an equal role in bringing up their children together, as a unit.

Yeh mein hoon, yeh mera saans hai, aur humein dushwari ho rahi hai!

What can be more fundamental than to have the right and access to breathe in clean air?
Pakistan’s AQI has been worsening each year with little to no concern shown by the
government to address the issue. It’s high time we woke up and demanded the right to clean

I’m a feminist, not a terrorist

The word feminist has been unnecessarily villainized when it simply means a person who
believes both genders deserve treatment and opportunities in every aspect of life. So let us
join hands and declare that we’re proud feminists. Lets not shy away from demanding what's
rightfully ours. Trust us, it’ll only make us more attractive. And we should actually mean it -
pseudo feminism does more bad than good to the cause.

For Haqs sake

The best way to conclude these slogans - Haq. After all, that's what every human being in
the world is after - fundamental, human rights. The right to education, the right to freedom of
movement, freedom of speech. To be able to chase their dreams. To feel safe and protected.
To be valued as an equal. To get equal access to healthcare, education and opportunities.
That’s what we all are after.
That’s what we all must fight for.

We, at Generation are a largely women run organisation and are focused on inspiring and
empowering our audience with diverse storytelling experiences and points of view through
thought provoking and challenging campaigns each season. For example, our previous
campaign, “Consent”, focused on the nikahnama and the importance around its
understanding - something that is deliberately kept from women in order to exploit them later
on. We aim to continue bringing these issues to light for the betterment of Pakistani women.

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