Calling all students, you are about to get schooled.

It’s 7 am. You hear that dreaded noise. You thought you had more time before you had to hear that wretched noise. But there it is waking you up from your sweet sweet slumber, and very rudely I would like to add. You curse your bad luck for still being in school. For having to deal with all the pains of being a student. As you grumble and untangle yourself from the sheets, your eyes fall to the ironed outfit that has been set out for this day. So you channel every Karan Johar movie, and think about how you will make your debut in the most head turning way ever. Granted there will be no long winding stairs or billowing curtains, but we will make sure you have a pretty amazing ensemble that’ll just make that new start even better and waking up worth it. If you want to squeeze every ounce of sleep before you REALLY have to get up (meaning when your mom is literally screaming in your face), then this Bloom kurta is perfect for you because you don’t have to try very hard at making it look fabulous. It does a pretty good job on its own. Throw it on with some white trousers or black tights, and add a little edge by donning some silver accessories to show that you were born ready for the first day of school. SHOP HERE for only PKR2, 498. However, if you’re one of those students who get oddly excited about collecting new stationary and the smell of new books then this striped, easy fit Edgy Florals top with subtle metallic details is just for you. Pair it with some well fitted pair of black pants and you’ll be ready to sit in the first row and raise your hand because you obviously have all the answers. Get your hands on this stripes galore HERE for only PKR998. How is that not blowing your mind right now? The first day of school is exciting and there is palpable pressure to do well, but you’re an easy going gal who likes to keep things easy-breezy. Keep it light, comfortable, adorable and sail through the first day of school with this Boho Gypsy tunic with extra amounts of effortlessness. Reach over the top comfort by pairing it with a white shalwar and some ethnic-but-laid-back kolhapuris. Don’t miss this piece and buy it HERE for PKR1, 998. If you’re one of those students who likes to hide in the crowd and pray to dear god you don’t get picked to answer any questions… then this Uzbek Denim kurta isn’t for you, sorry. This chic loosely fitted denim kurta with statement red herringbone stitching details oozes class and calls for attention. Unwanted, in your case. You can tame it down with some straight black trousers but we are not making any promises. Trust us and buy it HERE for PKR1,998. Channel the artist in you by donning this colourful straight shirt with a contrasting pattern classic fit shalwar. This ensemble from the Oceanic collection, inspired by tribal running patterns and tattoos, will ensure a lively day. Because what’s the first day of school without adding a little drama. Don’t miss out on this vibrant piece and SHOP HERE for only PKR2,398. There you have it; we have given you five perfect reasons to look forward to the first day of school. The struggle is real but it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with your look and add your own unique flair to it! There’s your silver lining.

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