5 wehams about Pakistan Post you need to let go of

Remember the times when you’d anxiously wait for your friendly neighbourhood daakia uncle to bring in parcels, postcards, telegrams and-the best part-money orders on Eid? The advent of mobiles and the influx of private courier services have deprived us of the excitement, charm and the special connection we shared with the daakia uncle.

So…when did we all forget Pakistan Post from our parcel kahanis? Not quite long ago.

What has been stopping you from visiting your local post office for deliveries? Wehams. Only wehams.

When #NoNonsenseNighat received parcels from nani via Pakistan Post, it made her reflect on these thoughts too!

Dupatta kass ke, joggers charha ke, she immediately paid a visit to the General Post Office(GPO) in Lahore to get to the bottom of things and here she is, ready to debunk some strongly and widely held myths about our dost, Pakistan Post (PP).

1. Sasta par ghair mayari hai?!

Pakistan post has the oldest, widest network of post offices that can get your post across to the most remote of areas and at the most affordable rates.

Send daak anywhere in Pakistan-if not urgent- for Rs.20! Parcels can be sent all over Pakistan for as low as Rs.100/kg, along with a registration fee of Rs. 75- a total of Rs.175!?

What’s more: Same day delivery of daak in all cities and for as low as Rs.150!

2. Beroon e mulk nahin jaata kuch bhi?!

PP has recently introduced Express Mail Service Plus, that guarantees international delivery to 173 countries! within 72 hours-for packages not more than 30 kgs. They even offer a compensation for up to USD 100 incase of damages.

Waise international parcels can be delivered within a week to ten days , and cost an average of Rs. 2,000 for the first kg for most countries- and even lower than this for some.

3. Par parcel gumm jaeyga?!

The Pakistan Post underwent a major digital uplift recently, and much to Nighat’s delight, PP has launched an app for Android users with several features and service offers such as track and trace, complaint handling, e-commerce, parcel collect, delivery, complaints, post office locations etc. Book your parcel and track it on the app anywhere!

Download it here.
Source: www.mehranpost.pk

4. Daak ke ilawa bhi bohat kuch hai!

Did you know that besides the traditional postal services, Pakistan Post is also undertaking a number of agency functions? Nighat didn’t!

These functions range from Postal life insurance, Saving Bank Account Services, collection of utility bills, pension payments, electronic money order services and more recently, cash on delivery services. You can well imagine the ronak at the GPO because of these!

5. Stamps kou jama karain!

Nighat had always been fascinated by her father’s stamp collection and the philatelist inside her beamed with excitement when she saw vintage postcards and stamps, dating back to partition days, lovingly preserved at a kiosk at the GPO. There were commemorative stamps that she quickly wanted to add to her collection too.

Here’s where you can trace all the stamps from 2006 here, available for sale.

Now is the time to put your trust in our national courier and make it part of your future parcel kahanis to further make it better!

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