Don’t let your loyalty go unrewarded! Simply shop at a GENERATION store near you and request for a loyalty card- and guess what, there’s no sign-up fee!



1. Point based program  

20 points equals to 1 rupee spent on shopping. This ratio is maintained for all purchases. No minimum amount of points needed for redemption to start. Points on the loyalty card will accumulate allowing you to avail or redeem these points as discounts on purchases instore.

2. Joining Bonus  

Each loyalty card will come with a balance of 500 points for the customer to redeem or add onto.

3. Referral Points  

Loyal customers can make their loved ones a part of the GENERATION family by referring for the Loyalty Card and earn 1000 bonus points, equal to PKR 50.

4. Birthday Gift  

On your birthday, get 10% off on your total bill by presenting your loyalty card and CNIC. This offer is only valid on the birth day, and not before or after.

5. Book And Hold  

Loyalty card holders can select and hold up to 3 items at the GENERATION store for 3 days. Not applicable for sale period. They can also exchange sale items within 3 days of purchase.

6. Annual Bonus*  

Loyal customers with annual spending of over PKR 125,000 get an annual special bonus from GENERATION in terms of points worth PKR 5000, which will be informed through SMS.


*year starts on 1st Jan and ends on 31st Dec

7. Early Bird  

Get early access to Sale dates, launches and other exciting information, as well as the first preview of the upcoming collections.



  • The GENERATION card is issued by GENERATION and remains the property of GENERATION. GENERATION reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or revoke the card and/or its offers at any time without prior notice.
  • GENERATION reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the loyalty card or terminate the scheme at any time.
  • Once your card is registered and activated, you will be gifted 500 bonus points which can be redeemed on the next purchase.
  • The card is applicable on purchase instore. At stores, you must present your card at the time of the purchase and on the e-store, you must add your card number on checkout to have points added to it. No points will be later added to receipts.
  • To ensure secure redemption of your points, you must present your card at the time of purchase, along with your name, CNIC and contact number used for initially registering the card. On the e-store, follow the 3-step verification requiring the same information.
  • Discount is on total rupees spent including GST.
  • Any points accumulated cannot be redeemed for cash. You must make a purchase.
  • The card will expire within 3 years of issuance and will be reissued at the nearest GENERATION store upon verification of your name, CNIC and contact number.
  • Incase card is lost or damaged; GENERATION will replace it for PKR 500. For replacement, provide the same details used to issue your previous card. If not, a new card would be issued and the points on the lost card will not be transferred.
  • When filling out the referral section of the form, make sure to add the referees name and loyalty card number.