Your Home is Your temple

With all the time we’ve been spending in our homes, dont you feel like we’ve gotten to know our homes a little bit better, gotten to love it a tiny bit more, and developed a connection with our living space on a deeper level. Today we speak to Fatima Waleed Zaman of Koi Home, about how our homes serve as our temple, for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. If you’re a Daachi regular like us, you’re sure to have come across the gorgeous offerings At the Koi home stall, from beautiful carved furniture pieces, to enthralling calligraphies and so much more, we for one are always enchanted by their work. What Started in 2016 as a passion project, Koi Home was born of the vision to create artisanal pieces for the home with master craftsmen from all over Pakistan. Today we speak to Fatima, find out a bit about her background, as well as getting some wonderful tips to develop a better relationship with our living spaces, and how to decorate in a way that truly emulates that sense of peace and safety we all come to crave from our homes. Our conversation is as follows:

Fatima, how did you find yourself starting your journey in the world of home decor?

Right after graduating, I went to explore the Traditional arts under the tutelage of a Master Ustaad Saif Ur Rahman at the National College of Arts (NCA).There I had the privilege of studying in depth the art of naqashi and fresco under him.I have been blessed with the most wonderful people who are positive and inspiring in the true sense of the word. Another important master, Ustaad Sarah Zaman who happens to be my mother in law has been a great inspiration and one of the keys to starting Koi Home.

With the onset of the lockdown people are finally having to spend all their time at home making them reconsider the value of a sensorially pleasing living space, can you suggest some simple and effective ways they could beautify their homes?

If one was to take the lockdown in a more positive sense of the word, it can be a state that locks one from what is periphery and makes one look within at what is essential in the true sense. It is merely a lock down towards the world and can be an opening of a journey within. Beauty of one’s home at this particular time can certainly enhance and uplift the soul, like even the beauty of a simple object, a modest flower, or a scent can be very liberating. 1. It can be a simple texture on a limestone wall 2. A fruit and flower arrangement. 3. A scent of my favourite dish or a fragrance of the simple motia flower. 4. A rock or a shell from one’s walk around the neighbourhood can evoke a sense of nostalgia for where we are truly from, virgin nature.

Can you also suggest some ideas that could be implemented immediately without buying new things owing to the current scenario with the lock-down?

The word Ihsan means to become beautiful, one should try and make beautiful one self by working on one’s character, then by adorning oneself with beautiful garments, beautifying one’s home and areas around it. This can be achieved during these trying times in many ways. We have a lot of things at home and we can try and change them around, giving them a new life and looking at them in a new light. Sometimes changing the orientation of furniture in a room can help achieve that. 1. Collection of plates- One can also focus on a collection of plates, perhaps they can be displayed on a wall. First visualise on the floor how to arrange. 2. Indoor Plants- If that’s not possible then just a walk down your own garden can be a wonderful journey into nature and you can snip some leaves of flowers from a tree since it’s spring and put in vases around the house.

In times of Ramzan when the role of the masjid increases exponentially in our lives, how do we go about acquiring a similar experience of spirituality and tranquility in our homes when going to the mosque runs a huge risk of spreading the virus?

The first Home that one is familiar with is his own heart. The first prayer is a silent whisper to that God within.The Prophet(PBUH) has said “The entire earth has been made a place of prayer, except for graveyards and washrooms.” One can easily bring a Holy ambiance in the domain of one’s home by allocating a corner or a room that is dedicated for prayer and meditation. The room should ideally have no other distracting ambience. A space that entirely allows one to focus on prayer, invocation or meditation. That room can have a prayer mat always ready for use and one can add inscriptions, candles or books that are relevant. scented candles are energy clearers and can also add a sensory pleasure in uplifting the soul during prayer or meditation.
A space dedicated for prayer and meditation at Fatima's home.
A room like that also allows the younger generation to interact and create a relationship through those around them with a Higher Reality. It familiarises them with the basic concepts of the religious rites. The comfort of learning about God through a loved one is somehow more natural when it is in a homely environment since it helps them to nurture their spiritual side.

With all the disparity and unrest around us, the human spirit is in dire need of peacefulness to rejuvenate itself, what ways could we implement to turn our homes into havens of peace and sukoon.

Peace and Sakun will be in any home only if one’s mind is empty from worry. This is the time to reflect inward and to focus on silencing the mind. Spring cleaning can also help to bring one’s mind at peace. To arrange all those drawers and cupboards that one has been trying to avoid all year and analysing how much we stock and how many things are actually required can surprise us! There is a tendency to hoard in our system. To try and be be happy with what we are Blessed with can also help generate positivity and can lead to a more peaceful environment at home. One should always count one’s blessings because that is very important during the hard times of our lives. Always have an eye for the little things in life because happiness is something that can not be bought it comes from within only if we learn to calm our minds and breath slow. We’re sure your head is brimming with ideas, just like ours! We’re so thankful to Fatima for taking the time out and having this talk with us! Do check out her beautiful work Koi home and dont forget to share pictures of your home decor projects!

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