What your reading habits might say about you!

Over the years, as book reading has become a bit of a collector’s edition of a hobby- only some stuck to it as the world moved on from holding a piece of paper to staring at a screen (no judgment there) - there are now different types of book readers. As so many of you head back to college/university, I was wondering do you still believe in reading a book other than what is prescribed for you? Do you still thinking of reading as leisure? If yes, what kind of a book reader are you? Just wondering if our reading habits- much like our choice of clothes- say something deeper about who we are? Featuring Wajeeha Haider who works in the corporate sector. As we asked her what kind of a reader she is "Iam an avid reader and if i start a book, i have to finish it ASAP"!

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What kinds of book readers are there?

Readers that read half-way

Are you one of those who hardly finishes a book. It has something to do with how much of my attention the book holds, but not always. You might be much psyched about starting a book or make it mid-way and from there on, it stays on your bed side. Staring at you every night, until you tuck it deeply into the book shelf. This might reflect a deeper disposition pointing towards a difficulty to see things through- to get to the finish line. To not just enjoy the exhilaration of the first few laps.

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Those that finish a book in two days or hours, if possible

You might know people who cannot leave a book once they start. This means they need to get to the end of it as soon as possible. Whereas this reflects serious commitment, it might also point towards an inability to savour something in all its slow gradual glory. To want to skip to the end, to know what lies on the other end.

Those that buy a book but never read it

Yup, there are those! Convinced that they want to read, committed enough to buy a book too but just never finding the conviction or the discipline to actually read. You might be wondering if deep down they question the utility of the activity. Because time? We make time for what we think is important. I hope, all you guys might have a friend who reads book summaries online! Wondering what category he falls in. He might be interested in sounding smart in conversations and Believing in how synopsis gives you an idea of what the book is about whilst saving time! Clever Much :D

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Do you idealize that one day you will read books? Do you lie about the number of books you have read? What kind of a book reader are you? Tell us. Concept and Written by Marya Javed Featuring: Wajeeha Haider

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