This summer, Marya Javed of NO FOMO, is going for a holiday with herself!

The narrative around holidays is that of celebration. Of happiness. Of togetherness. With images of families celebrating Eid and other holidays together, I cannot help but wonder where do those who are not exactly the picture of a perfect family “fit-in” to that story? Marya is wearing “Colours of Desert” co-ords. Shop in stores for Rs.3,598/- Those who are at work and cannot take time off. Those who are abroad and couldn’t travel home for holidays? Those who are at home but their circumstances don’t allow for the overt cheer that holidays are supposed to induce. Those who are alone. Or lonely. Or both. As we move deeper into a world marked with being alone- whereas it’s important to withhold the cultural significance of “togetherness”- it must not be at the cost of alienating those who have and live a different life. These summer holidays let’s celebrate being ok, being happy, wherever you are! Dress up. For yourself. Marya is wearing BEJEWELED CHINTZ co-ords. Shop Now for Rs.7,698/- Get yourself flowers. Marya is wearing BEJEWELED CHINTZ co-ords. Shop Now for Rs.6,498/- Eat well. Take time off- for yourself- by yourself. Take a nice long bath. Wear bright lipstick. Have a nice dinner. Holidays is your time off; from work, from the pressures that come with it. Don’t let a poster image of “happiness” take that away from you. You be good to yourself, in whatever which you know how.

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