The Magic of Gota

Now that the wedding season is almost over, don’t we all just miss how good we all looked on all the weddings we attended. The goal is never to outshine the bride, tauba tauba, but going as much OTT as possible is fun too!

And with the age old tradition of Gota Patti, it’s very easy to whip up a nice, fancy outfit to last a couple of weddings at least.

Gota, having started centuries ago in Rajhastan, has come a long way from the time consuming process of using gold or silver threads to create the beautiful imagery of that era. Gota essentially involves ribbons of fabric being tied together to form the unique patterns and motifs. Stitching Gota on any kind of fabric can completely turn around the outfit.

We at GENERATION did just that! We realize that it’s no more the era where Gota was associated with regality, so everyone is welcome to don the glow any time they want.

We wanted to show you all the versatility of Gota and how the Modern Pakistani Woman can use it without the outfit looking like it belongs at a mehndi.

This cool number is sure to tone down the hottest of summer weddings! Complete with gota and dori details, the Russian Brocade co-ords has got your back for summer weddings.

Buy it here for PKR.3500/-

If you’re a student looking to battle the hot weather in glamour, then this Katha shirt is going to appeal to you.

And what’s great? It’s available in two colors☺ It’s got Gota details on the neckline to add that shimmer to your look, without compromising on the elegance.

Buy it here for PKR.3198/-

What could be better than the printed Maal Pirhi Gota speckled shirt with added attention to the detailing while keeping the art intact.

Buy it here for PKR.2998/-

Or you can opt for this Darwaish suit that has all the glitter our cultural fabric has to offer – Gota, Mukaish and Aari work.

Buy it here for PKR.9498/-

Let’s take things up a notch on the style quotient and present to you this really unorthodox way of adding Gota details to your outfit.

These Fields of Gold trousers! You can pair these with any kurta you deem fit, but we recommend these as running trousers.

Who says athleisure has to be simple. Or, you can add a plain white tee and a denim jacket and think of all the hype your OOTD Instagram post is gonna generate. You just cannot miss that!

Buy them here for PKR.2698/-

We also have this classic flared Naqsh-O-Nigar tunic for the desi girl at heart who likes to dress up even if she’s going out to eat gol gappas, because life is all about having fun.

And what better add a little maza to the outfit than some Gota!

Buy it here for PKR2998

You see, life is all about taking what you have been given and turning it into something all yours and there’s no harm in taking elements and crafts of the past and merging them to live in the present.

If you want to see more of GENERATION’s Gota embellished pieces, click here.

Happy shopping!

1- Image credits: ethnography_Poshak

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