Who said living frugally can’t be fun? We know it’s that time of the year where you really don’t want to invest into yet another frilly frocky lawn suit. Yet, you are compelled to reconsider when that bead of sweat trickles down your carefully powdered up face. Our two cents: Don’t quibble over saving a few cents and deny yourself of the little joys of life. Instead, follow this super easy shopping guide that proves that it IS possible to use fun and frugal in the same sentence. Need to go for a dholki? Don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on a formal suit? No problem! With our Milan to Multan kurta, you will paint the picture of the PERFECT bridesmaid while killing costs at the same time. Simply pair it with statement earrings and solid trousers and you’re shaadi ready in just PKR 2698. Buy here or in stores now! This yellow number is like a bright ray of happiness with the contrast turned up; more so, because this custardy piece does not take a toll on your pocket. Get your hands on this Vintage Outlines Top – a loose tunic with chikan details and a happy floral pattern for JUST PKR 1298. Pair it with jeans and a topknot for an edgy look or with loose flared trousers (buy here for PKR 1498 only) on a hot summer day for that flawless look. Buy in stores and online. Are your pockets feeling a little light? There’s no need to feel blue because Generation has got just the solution for you. Our Indo-Batik Co-ords with printed trousers and a shirt to match will ensure you’re in line with the seasons latest trends (see Gen’s guide on acing the print on print trend here) Get both goodies for just PKR 2998 in stores and online today! It’s another month of the dragged summer season and your mum has decided to tag you along to yet another tea party. You don’t want to spend buckets on a new outfit and you definitely don’t want to repeat an outfit in front of the haw hayee aunties. Shop our Miss Jinnah Co-ords in powder pink with block printed sleeves, tassels and pleated details. Get both the shirt AND the crushed dupatta for JUST PKR 2998 here or in stores today. If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, grab this Uzbek Denim Tunic. With bright embroidered motifs on a pastel base, this cool kurta is sure to ward off all warm weather woes and ensure you stand out from the lot. Buy here for just PKR 2898 and show everyone who the real frugal boss is! Apart from these amazing STEALS, Generation has an ongoing sale with outfits on up to 70% off. So get off your lazy bums and shop guilt free to your heart’s content! Happy Shopping!

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