Sohni Dharti

The idea behind our A/W’18-19 campaign is extremely close to our hearts and therefore naturally to talk about it was quite the daunting task. All of us love our homeland. There is no doubt to this fact. But are we aware of the repercussions of our actions towards the country, its environment, as well as its present and future inhabitants. It’s high time that we get our priorities straight and acknowledge the damage that has been done to this dharti. Let’s take charge, and work together to raise awareness and come up with solutions to repair and preserve it.

Whats happening to our Dharti?

In an alarming report by Pakistan’s Navy Chief, the country’s tree cover has diminished from a dismal 3.3% in 1990 further to a non-existent 1.9% in 2015. We as a people must realize the importance of trees and its contribution to our lives in the form of food, fiber, livelihood, resources and water but also their contribution to the health of our dharti and its role in thwarting the adverse effects of climate change. Let’s join our hands and work towards afforestation, and preservation of what’s left of our unique and beautiful forests.

Hum saans kesay lein?

Reports by the World Health Organizations state that the Air Quality of Pakistan is amongst the worst on the planet! At an average over four times as polluted as the recommended levels safe for life. The air pollution alone is behind over 59,241 deaths in the country every year. How can we even proclaim to be unaware about this alarming reality, when every winter the thick in dismissible smog hits us right in our faces? We must raise our voices and question the authorities to actively take up the cause and follow in the footsteps of cities like London and Paris who have been greatly successful in curbing air pollution.

Paani kahan gaya?

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) ranks Pakistan as the country facing the third worst water shortage crises in the entire world! We could completely run out of water in the country as early as 2025! As an agricultural country, Pakistan’s economy greatly relies on its access to water and it’s imperative that steps are taken to curb the excessive use of water and to formulate an effective mechanism to save it. We aim to create awareness and let out the call for change to those we have never know to let us down; the citizens of our beloved homeland. Steps no matter how small be it foregoing plastic bags the next time you go shopping, or something huge like calling on the government to review its environmental policy, could eventually lead to veritable impact. The photo series was envisioned by talented young photographer Umar Nadeem, with hair and makeup by Fatima Nasir and styling by Azka Shahid. Featuring Eman Suleman, known, in addition to her effortless brand of modelling, to bring light to multiple environmental and political issues including the Huqooq-e-Khalq movement which recently held a powerful protest in light of the water emergency being faced by the country. She is joined by Saleha Amin, finance major from New York, who abandoned her high flying career in the states to come back home and pursue a simple life. Alongside are Iman Shahid,actress and an active animal welfare enthusiast, as well as Aaleen Shafaat, budding athlete, student of clinical psychology at FC College as well as being a thorough feminist.

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