Real Heroes wear PPE Suits

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, technicians, pharmacists, transporters and everyone else working in the line of supporting patient care, we THANK YOU! While the rest of us are coddled up in the comfort of our homes with our families, it is you, who everyday step to the front line in a literal war zone, to take care of us, protect our health, and save our lives. This post is a dedication to your sacrifices, your resilience and your hard work, the whole world will remain indebted to your bravery and kindness.
Image source: Newsweek Pakistan
Our hearts go out to the families friends and peers of those who laid their lives in the wake of this Pandemic, while saving countless others. Dr Osama Riaz, a 26-year-old doctor hailing from Gilgit Baltistan became the first medical practitioner in Pakistan to succumb to Covid-19, which he contracted while performing his duties screening pilgrims returning from Iran, with dismal self-protective measures in place. He worked tirelessly treating patients while ignoring his own health, until one day after completing his shift he went to bed, and never woke up, leaving behind a short but admirable legacy. He has been awarded the Nishan e Kashmir, the highest civil award by the Prime Minister of Kashmir, Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman. May heaven shine brighter with your presence dear Dr Osama!
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Karachi’s esteemed dermatologist and philanthropist, Dr Abdul Qadir Soomro, responsible for setting up several charity health facilities in Sindh, including the Farida Yaqoob Alkhidmat hospital in Gulshan-e-hadeed where he contracted the virus while treating patients. He breathed his last at the Indus Hospital in Karachi, where he was admitted once his condition worsened. His colleagues speak of him as one of the most humane men in the field, who would often forego charges for patients who couldn’t afford to pay. Dr Soomro is truly remembered as a champion, hero and role model for doctors worldwide. Doctors and healthcare workers are also working tirelessly to figure out more efficient testing techniques, vaccinations, and cure or treatment for the covid-19 disease in a race against time, many have made strides in the field that are worth applauding.
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Pakistan’s top hematologist and transplant surgeon, Dr Tahir Shamsi has been at the forefront of bringing the innovative passive immunization treatment to the country and getting it approved by the provincial authorities in record time, the treatment involves harvesting plasma from recovered covid-19 patients and injecting it into patients struggling with the disease to boost their natural immune! The treatment has been proven effective in multiple other countries including China.
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Pakistani Medical Engineer Jameel Shiekh was part of the team that helped develop a rapid corona virus test giving results in less than five minutes, which is a huge advancement from the 24 hour-long tests being undertaken previously. Furthermore, a team of Punjab university scientists, headed by the able Prof Dr Muhammad Idrees have also developed a local testing kit that costs a mere Rs.800 which is a huge relief from the Rs.8000 price tag of the imported testing kit.
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Fulbright scholar and Public health care worker Muhammad Moiz along with a competent team of doctors and healthcare workers was able to set up the first drive through Covid-19 testing facility in Sindh greatly improving efficiency, and safety measures for the public as well as the professionals on call. And finally, are those who’re braving through these tumultuous times while also bringing a smile to our face! This feisty doctor from Lahore busts some fine moves fully decked out in protective gear reminding us how coronavirus ravaged the Shadi season... hehe abb innay pesay dass tu kithay le ke jaanay aa, ve marjaaneya This fun video of doctors cheering up patients in the corona ward will make your day! Chita jhola si vay darzi! What an incredibly soothing voice! Listen to this fine tune by Dr.rahat singing while taking a break on duty, its bound to melt all your worries away We’re sure the question on your mind would be if GENERATION would be doing anything to support our medical heroes too. Well, the truth of the matter is that we’ve been working tirelessly with constant back and forth with doctors and medical experts to perfect the PPE suit being manufactured at our HQ and ensure that we come up with a product adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. With news coming in from the PMA of a surge in recent infections in doctors owing to discrepancies in the safety standards of their safety equipment, it is imperative that no stone be left unturned in adhering to the utmost quality standards. With already having supplied protective gears to the Rangers, soon we will be able to start supplying to hospitals as well. We applaud our peers in the industry including Asim Jofa, Outfitters, Sahar Atif and others who have step forward to help in the nation’s time of need. If you have any ideas for something else to cheer up our doctors and show our support, do comment and let us know!

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