Pocketing your rights: why shirts with pockets matter

We’re pretty sure you can understand the hassle and anxiety that comes when you’re in the middle of the bazaar, and you hear a phone ring. For a while you wonder if it is really your phone, until you first pull down your purse, rummage through the all-essential things clogging the way to your phone, and by the time you get to the phone, you’ve already missed the call. Imagine how easy, and time saving life would be if your clothes had pockets. We would gladly blame the patriarchy for that. Men can go around wearing the fashion abomination that are cargo pants, but women have to be elegant and not have pockets in anything they wear because it ruins the seamlessness of the outfit? Huh. Times have change. As skincare replaces makeup so women can feel more free, pockets contribute to that feminist freedom as much (you don’t need to carry your concealer on you ladies!). Women can have pockets in their dresses and it should be this way without any qualms. Period. For far too long, women’s outfits have been subjected to the patriarchal control. Somehow, there’s a sense of ease and comfort that comes with having pockets. Women need to understand that they can carry small wallets too, and put their money, keys, phones and even cushion foundations in their pockets. Pockets are the revolution we need.

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The Waziri kurta is that perfect blend of cool girl who knows she’s the boss girl, and likes to flaunt those vibes in style. This striped kurta is available in two colours to match all your fierce moods.

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For days you just don’t feel like making an extra effort and just want to get through the day with those no-makeup vibes, don’t compromise style for comfort with these Kacho Pakko co ords having chic embroidery and mirror work details.

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This Sindhi kurta is made for those days when you just want to let your hair down and just lay back. And trust us when we say this, but relying on pockets to carry the weight is the perfect solution to be lazy and comfortable!

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For those weddings where you don’t feel like carrying a purse, and makeup won’t fit in a clutch, this Naqsh kurta is made for those moments to help you put your essentials in-pocket and dance away without any worry of finding a friend to keep your stuff for you.

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Don’t you agree that we need pockets in our lives because they just make everything so much more easy!

Let us know which ones of the items you liked above. We have a lot of options for you to choose from at our store. So you’re not out of options to be your best feminist self!

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