It has been an amazing 365 days of our blog ‘Gen Loves’. Think of it as your daily fashion magazine fix... only desi and very very relatable.

Uplifting, opinionated and rebellious (in a good way) – Gen Loves isn’t afraid to question the norms. We pride ourselves on being unapologetically desi, and we made sure we address your REAL issues this past year. Trying to be as raw and authentic as possible, here are a few posts that got a lot of love on our blog!

Aunty Kya Kaheen Gee was us saying what needed to be said! We spoke about body shaming and the unforgiving society and how it’s important to love and accept yourself and you all heard us! We got hundreds of comments about how you found it relatable and encouraging.

Our monthly Zodiac style files! We love how you look at the stars for inspo and this year we channelled it into a customized style guide for each one of the fashionable zodiac signs. The Taurus one, in fact, was the most popular and had all of you wanting more! If you’re ever in a fix and can’t decide what to wear, just look at our zodiac posts for help! Happy to be of service!

We know you like a bit of fun reading and love to be transported back to the good old days to reawaken the Pakistani in you! With posts like Our Incomparable Style Mentors, we took you on a journey to celebrate the style icons who embedded their identity in our society.

We love to bring lesser known facts to you all! Whether they are about the benefits of indigenous plants, the secret GENERATION factory outlet or our own very own, very loved institutions like the Pakistan Post blog post! We were surprised to see how many new faces decided to give our Pakistan Post a try after reading our article! A baby victory for sure!

Okay, okay! We won’t boast but we know, and you’ve told us that you love the iddy biddy styling tips we give you. The 5 ways to style your dupatta post, in particular, got a lot of love from you guys.

We’ll make sure to keep em coming!

How can we possibly forget the monthly Budget Buys post? Whether it’s a special occasion like eid, or just basic work wear that has got you in a fix, our monthly economical solutions (in the form of extra special budget conscious blog posts) make sure there’s something for everyone in store!

We want to thank you for embarking on this special journey with us. It has been spectacular and we are very excited to continue bringing joy in your lives in the form of Gen Loves! What has been your favourite post to date? Let us know in the comments below!

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