Moody Style Swings

When monsoon comes along, it brings a strange sense of nostalgia. The senses grow strong, and memories pop out from here and there. Sometimes it gets too hot, sometimes it gets too chilly. Thus, with the swinging of the weather, comes the swinging of the moods. So to express this versatility of feelings, it makes sense to turn to clothes to help us through the transitioning. Summers. Vacations. Growing Up. The deception of nostalgia of lost summers of the past. These all sentiments culminate to exude a need embody the emotion. GENERATION understands this, and has created a whole moodboard for a few of these feelings to help you look your best as you go through the swinging feelings.


Summer is the season of staying up late, carrying the late morning into 3am and those 3am blues into art. If you’re an artist who’s looking to purge those emotions with an outfit that embodies the moment, opt for this Gulistan Sheraz ruffle top.
Buy it here for PKR 3898.


In a moment of flooding memories, and the flooding streets, wearing an outfit that has the sensibility of those times seems so cathartic and this Amber Sari is the befitting outfit.
Buy it here for PKR 13998.


Sometimes, there’s an urge to leave everything behind, run away and simply live. Simply be... The Meher suit is the perfect sartorial representation of it.

Buy here for PKR 6898.


Sometimes, its ok to dance in the rain. Sometimes, its ok to just go to sleep. The monsoon is long. So lets take this Sweet Symphony suit for a spin through this whirlwind and stay grounded.
Buy it here for PKR 8498.

Emotionally Lethargic

Living can be hard when the sun comes out, and humidity takes over the skinIts almost as if night and day are two lovers, and they’re having a spat. The Amber tiered tunic illustrates that very tenderness.

Buy here for PKR 7298


Be it a summer wedding or a graduation party, GENERATION has the festive summer

night outfit covered for you. The Mimari suit is the perfect amalgam of fun and festive and the outfit for those summer celebrations.

Buy here for PKR 19,998/-

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