Mindful Movements in Shalwar Kameez

Mariam Ibraaz is photographed at the scenic Gojal Valley, Hunza by Fahim Ahmad. To shop the latest collections click here.

Surround yourself with what brings you joy and sakun because everything in your surroundings has an effect on you.

This includes our home, our friends, what we read, the movies we watch and so on. So how can your clothes, something that’s nearest to your body be any different?

When it comes to yoga clothes this awareness becomes even more significant as you become more mindful of what you choose to wear, whether your preference is eastern or western wear.

A group of young yogis wearing shalwar kameez while performing advanced yoga. Photo credit: Isha Yoga Center

What the OG Yogis Wore

Most of us are unaware of the yoga clothing people traditionally wore in the East for centuries. This consisted of an unstitched cloth wrapped around the body, mainly a sari for women. Imagine a woman doing a headstand in a sari! Well, they do it and that too very gracefully!

However, when we think of yoga clothes, we think of figure-hugging tights and sports bras in materials (that are mostly synthetic). This is mainly because western yoga clothes are mass marketed and that’s all we see and know. And though a lot of newer yoga clothes by western brands are made in softer, sweat wicking, comfortable materials that are designed for easy movement it’s just liberating to know that we have a choice to wear shalwar kameez too because eastern wear has been the original choice of yogis and for many it still is.

A woman observing the Halasana | Plough pose. Photo credit: Deccan Chronicles

Essentials of Yoga Clothing

This brings us to: what the essentials are for yoga clothes traditionally? Simply that the clothes be lose fitting, to allow smooth blood flow and ease of breathing, secondly the material that touches your body should be natural like cotton, linen or silk. I believe it subconsciously makes you feel closer to nature and your skin can literally breathe unlike with a lot of synthetic materials.

Photo credit: Isha Yoga Center. Visit our e-store for similar options in kurtas

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you that our traditional shalwar kameez is perfect for yoga, especially the ones at GENERATION. Their clothes check all the points mentioned above as most of their cuts are flowy and practical and almost all their materials are natural. Let’s not forget how beautiful they look too!

Look Good, Feel Good

GENERATION makes up at least 80 percent of my eastern wardrobe, it feels amazing that I can do yoga in the same clothes I’d wear to go out and have chai with my friends.

A habit I’ve developed over time is small preparations that I do leading up to my yoga practice, making it into a small little ritual. This includes taking a shower, putting on a scent and of course selecting the clothes for that day. I truly believe if you look good physically, whatever this might be for you, you mentally feel good too, therefore setting some sweet groundwork for your spiritual journey through yoga and meditation.

Mariam Ibraaz is photographed at the scenic Gojal Valley, Hunza by Fahim Ahmad. Check out our new cotton bottoms

And though I also love my yoga tights what I mostly gravitate towards is comfortable, flowy and natural clothes. What it all comes down to for what you choose to wear is what makes you feel good for your own practice, it’s your unique journey. Wear what speaks to your own body and soul without judging others or ourselves for our choices, in this process remembering the true meaning of yoga which is “union” or “coming together”.

Have you tried yoga in shalwar kameez? Let us know if it made your yoga practice feel different, hopefully it brought you more sakun.

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