Lockdown got you shopping on a budget? Here are our top 5 pocket friendly picks!

Who says post lockdown life can be no fun? Just as you were starting to get comfortable working from home, you’ve suddenly been called back to work, school or whatever your prior 9 -5 commitment was! Although staying at home was about as exciting as chaawal chuggna, you had begun to love not having to change out of your pyjamas day in and day out. But hey, you can finally put all those make up tutorials to use that you binged on while “taking your online classes” during the lockdown and go back with a bang! No need to panic if you’ve suddenly found your cupboard devoid of anything but night suits – we’ve got your back with 5 affordable ready to wear clothes.

Take-it-easy Monday

Shop our Kantha flared top for Rs.1,998/-
You heard us! Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a huge shaabash for getting through Monday successfully and rather fashionably if we may add; the worst is over. Its time to take it easy for Tuesday and swing stylishly into the second day of the week. We suggest our easy breezy Kantha top. Its black and floral – the ultimate jor of two of our favourite things! Get our Kantha flared top here for Rs.1698/- today!

Monochromatic Tuesdays

You know the best way to start a Tuesday? With a monochromatic outfit of course! Nothings screams professionalism that a solid coloured basic top or coordinates.
Shop our Boom Boom Collection Now!
Our Boom Boom 2-Pc, the name is fitting isn’t it? is a pink hued striped shirt with coordinating shalwar and roll your sleeves for work) and button details. Get it here now!

Wow them Wednesdays!

Shop our Surya Embroidered Top for Rs.3,498/-
You’re officially in the middle of the work week! Just two more days to go and you can sleep in again woohoo! With this positive note in your head, you are bound to have some newfound energy to dress up and be on fleek today. We suggest something exciting, something experimental. Try our Surya embroidered Top and pair it with bouncy curls and a huge smile! Get it for Rs 3498 online

Throwback Thursday!

What’s better than a classic nostalgic piece on a fine Thursday afternoon? The answer – nothing. Friday is almost around the corner and you just want to ease into the end of the week super casually.

Get our African Kutch kurta for Rs.1998 today!
Try channeling the calm and positive energy of the colour blue in our African Kutch Mardana Kurta for Rs 1998. Pair it with black or white pants and style it with khussas and a no nonsense pony tail to tackle your Monday head on! Get it online here!

Fun Fridays!

TGIF are we right?! Its finally Friday and you could NOT be happier! Your state of mind should totally reflect your wardrobe choice for today. Perhaps our air, flairy Rajhastani Popstar Shirt with its cheerful candy colours would do the trick. Pssst.. look out for fun hidden motifs in the print! Get it for Rs.1,898/- online today! Are you pumped up to dress for the week again? Let us know what you’ll be wearing in the comments below!

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