Kilim Kilim on the floor, fashion inspo for us all!

We’ve been visually shoe gazing and for this season, stumbled upon the textile that is finding a whole lot of love with the fashion pack: the kilim. A word of Turkish origin, kilim denotes a pile-less textile produced by one of several flat-weaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage in places like Central Asia and Africa too . The rise of digital media and the sudden interest of major fashion houses and high street fashion brands in this exotic, multi-purpose textile over the past decade have put it on everyone’s fashion radar (well, it never went off ours). There are stories and symbolisms in the beautiful geometric motifs rendered through weaving in kilims. We’re so fascinated with them that in our “Patch Profusion” collection from the CLASSIC line, we have transferred them in embroideries and applique onto our 2 and 3 Pc ensembles. The “Eye”, for instance, is represented in a triangle, stylized form of the eye while some are forms of squares and rectangles. The eye motifs used on weaves differ from one region to another. The “Scorpion” motifs represent protection and are stylized forms of the animal.

The Eye motif variations

The Scorpion motif variations

Both of these are rendered in embroidered motifs in our Patch Profusion black and white co-ords. Shop this classic ensemble that will work for the 9-5 grind and beyond on sale for Rs.3,998/- here: “Burdock” (thorn) is thought to provide protection and also represents abundance. In another number of the Patch Profusion co-ords, we see this motif in marriage with the “Eye”, transferred in embroidery and applique yet again.

The Burdock (Thorn) motif variations

Shop this potential work wear staple ON SALE for only Rs. 3,498 here: Next, let’s explore the “Snake” motif which symbolizes evil and man’s fickle nature- circa Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree. In kilims however, it more often than not denotes fertility and happiness.

The Snake motif variations

This 2 pc from the Patch Profusion collection features the “Snake” motif in conjunction with various geometric patterns, coming together in perfect harmony- and accentuated with a jacquard dupatta. Shop this ON SALE for Rs.3,998/- here: The “Tree of Life”, “Bird” and “Amulet” motifs can be seen in this 3 pc from the Patch Profusion Collection. The Tree of life is reminiscent of the tree forbidden to all mortals when the serpent waiting the tree had convinced Eve to eat it; the Bird changes its meaning given its shape but in most cases, it represents good luck, happiness and joy whereas Amulet is a protective symbol to thwart the evil eye.

The Tree of life motif variations

The Bird motif variations

The Amulet motif variations

This 3 Pc from the Patch Profusion Collection features a panelled, embroidered kurta with culottes- comprising these mesmerizing symbols along with other geometric motifs. Shop it ON SALE for Rs.6,798/- here: Have a kilim or a piece from our Patch Profusion Collection? Get going and look for these motifs and cherish your kilim conversation! Information source:

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