Keep Warm! Its fashionable!

90’s winter accessories are making a comeback and we’re so HERE for it!

Be it the fuzzy Chitrali pakols or cozy knitted gloves, we’re living for winter gear this season, and not just because one needs to be extra careful in ‘Covi-nter’ but also the sheer nostalgic value of the 90s era PTV heroines that have had us awestruck this season.

There's so many fun ways you can style these winter essentials


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The toasty warmth of woolen goodness is just irresistible and they look so cute too! Wear it tilted, beret style and give it an Emily in Paris spin like Sana or wear them straight keeping true to traditional like the beautiful Noorulayn.

Scarves and Shawls

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Go full volume with a loud and bright or for a more subdued pop to your look go for a neutral solid like this white felt scarf seen on Noorulayn.

Socks and Sandals

Now we know its the ultimate fashion no no, but give it a chance! Summer footwear and socks actually have a tendency to look really cute once you get past the industry bias, keep it toasty with full length woolies with your espadrilles or add some feminine flare to masculine winter shoes with a pair of dainty lace liners

Fingerless gloves


They're so warm and comfy! Wear them bare or bundle them up with some ethnic jewellery to add more character to your look.


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Now we know this ones not a winter accessory per se, but its really time the paranda came back! They’re so fun and versatile and literally look great with everything. Wear one in your hair like mother used to or mix it up and jazz your outfit with a paranda belt!

We hope this article has equipped you with some great ideas to enjoy some great winter accessories and look bomb while doing it!

For more styling advice keep following this space, until next time!

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