Isn’t it frustrating when you step into a store and find that there are near to none options when it comes to sizes 14 and above. It can feel like everything in the market is subliminally suggesting you look a certain way and unless you’re a size zero or two, you can’t look fashionable. We’re not going to ask you to wear only black because it’s “slimming” or only neutrals because they’ll help you blend in. We’re here to tell you that you can wear whatever makes YOU happy as long as you accessorize it with confidence and poise. Here are GENERATION’s top styling tips for all the curvy queens out there!


FORGET the old rule that says button down shirts are unflattering! On the contrary, button downs COMPLIMENT curves. Look for details like collars, panels and darts and layer the shirt under a blazer for an elongated look. Our Coastal Living Box Cut Top has a collar which automatically gives the illusion of a sleeker neck. The multi directional print generates vertical eye movement, making this top the perfect choice for you. Shop at https://www.generation.com.pk/new-arrivals/n28138t.htmlfor PKR 2198 or in stores now!


There are NO rules when it comes to colour and print. If you’re still nervous about diving head first into the unicorn’s pot, dip a toe in first. Tiny, vibrant details and prints that are proportionate to the body such as tie-dye and water colour prints are especially flattering because one colour melts into another. Our Batik Tunic is a loose fit shirt with frill details on the neckline and sleeves. Let the gorgeous print speak for itself; style with tassel earrings, straight fit trousers and grab a shawl for those particularly cold evenings. Shop at https://www.generation.com.pk/catalog/product/view/id/14069/s/w28341t/category/3/ for PKR 2398 today!


Dressing in monochrome can work wonders. Not only does it create a long, lean look, but it’s also incredibly oh-so-chic and very much en vogue. GENERATION’s Flat Abstract Suit is the perfect pick for that put together look which isn’t OTT. Shop this style online at https://www.generation.com.pk/catalog/product/view/id/13973/s/c28040s/category/3/ for PKR 8298. The ensemble has intricate hand embroidery and mirror details on the shirt. The high low hemline is flattering for all body types and the shirt is paired with straight fit trousers and a gorgeous black dupatta.


How many times have you loved a style and put it back on the rack because the silhouette was a little daring or too simple to pull off? TIP: Don’t always go for the baggy – cocooning yourself in yards of fabric will look unflattering. Don’t shy away from simple, clean cuts. Fussy details like ruffles will only draw unwanted focus. The Kuna Molas Shirt has colourful embroidery and tassel details on the sleeves. Shop this fun style and amp it up with funky accessories. Shop for PKR 3498 at https://www.generation.com.pk/catalog/product/view/id/13986/s/w28076t/category/3/ today!

GENERATION has always promoted and endorsed body positivity (have a look at our #greaterthanfear campaign if you haven’t already). Remind yourself that it’s OKAY to have a larger size. Be confident and let your beauty shine through. Let us know your styling secrets in the comments below!

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