Hydration: An inside scoop

After the roaring success of the recently launched “Ming”. GENERATION is back with a new Luxury concept collection for S/S’17: ‘Hydration’.

The collection is designed by Harris Masood from #TeamGen, who has utilized his skill to devise a technically strong, aesthate and innovative collection that works well as separates as it does paired with coordinates from the collection.

We get an inside scoop on all about the collection from the designer himself!

1. What is the concept behind ‘Hydration’?

Hydration is quite a direct reference to its inspiration, a refreshingly quenching splash of water in the middle of this scorching weather, like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

2. What can customers expect from this line in terms of fabric, silhouettes and details?

The movement, free form and lucid transparency of water has inspired this collection in every aspect, the fabrics consist of creamy satins, frothy organzas, grips and and slubbed surfaces all in pure silks. The surfaces are an interesting juxtaposition of photographic ocean prints, capturing details such as the shoreline, sea foam and even dew drops with gold and silver splatters, while the silhouette itself is free flowing and in quite a few ways capricious.

3. How did GENERATION’s Luxury Concept line come about in the first place?

One of the very reasons that GENERATION has maintained relevance and popularity for over 3 decades is that the brand’s ideology is very welcoming to change and it never shies away from taking on a risky endeavor.

It provides the perfect platform for fresh minds such as myself to explore our true potential. ‘Ming ‘was one such risk born out of our desire to create high fashion, needless to say that it has paid of rather well for us. We are calling it a concept for now since the ideology of this line is not concrete, it is only 3 collections young and is still in its learning curve but hopefully it will find a true and permanent form in the near future.

4. How is ‘Hydration’ similar to and different from ‘Ming’?

Hydration is the Spring/Summer chapter of Ming, the concept line. It would appeal to the aesthetics of the same woman that popularised the earlier collections, with Hydration the line leans towards a more Avant Garde, high fashion edge in comparison to the previous collections.

It is definitely braver and much less restrained in sense of silhouettes as well as the surface treatment, there is zero embellishment in this collection and it would be interesting to see how the customer base responds to that.

5. Any style advice for those who will be buying ‘Hydration’?

While the collection is quite self explanatory and pretty much all the pieces can be inter mixed and paired with separates from within the collection, I would urge for the girls to go a little wild, maybe mix it in with brightly hued solids, or kitschy prints, or even go with a more demure outlook and incorporate neutral separates in black or white.

It's always best to do what feels right to you, it would be quite politically incorrect to dictate how someone chooses to dress up, the best advice I could offer is to do what makes you feel and look right so you step outside as the best version of you.

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Hydration’ is available at the flagship GENERATION stores in Gulberg, Lahore, Zamzama and Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi and Jinnah Super, Islamabad. Shop away!

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