To all Aquarius GEN girls: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The weather is changing, flowers are blooming and it’s the perfect time for you to be stocking up your wardrobe for the upcoming social calendar. Now we know that it’s not easy to craft a style guide for the diva of the zodiac...being ruled by the futuristic Uranus, Aquarians are always 7 years ahead of trends before they even hit the runway which makes them the ultimate trendsetters of the zodiac. Nevertheless, the master minds at GENERATION have compiled a style guide befitting for the queens that you are!


If there’s one sign that NEVER EVER follows rules, it HAS to be Aquarius. With a rebellious streak unlike any other, Aquarians are firm believers in following their heart. Take a walk on the wild side and experiment with bold prints and loud colours to show off the *intense* part of your personality. Shop our Ottoman Voyage tunic in vibrant colors and peek-a-boo sleeves and shine brighter than the sun. Shop for PKR 2698 at today!



Naturally attracted to all shades of blue...particularly the loud ones, an Aquarius will always always have an abundance of blue in their closet. They love bright colours and try to incorporate them in every outfit even if it’s just a pop of colour. Shop our Ottoman Voyage tunic with a daring neckline detail and a print that hits all the right notes...perfect for the bold Aquarius! Shop for PKR 2698 at Our What’s up Warhol tunic with frilled sleeves is what was missing from your closet. Make sure all heads turn towards you in this electric number. It IS your birthday after all, so soak up the much deserved attention that you crave! Shop for PKR 1898 at


An air sign to the core, Aquarians feel best in white. Calm your senses in this Feminal kurta and let your laid back, carefree self shine through. Shop for PKR 1898 at


Just like shocking blue, purple is also a power colour for an Aquarius. The deep hue reflects the strong independent women that Aquarians are... smashing the patriarchy with one hand and killing it at the office with the other (no biggie). Shop this Kente shirt for PKR 1298 only at



Rebellious, Avant Garde and cosmopolitian are a few words to describe the personality of an Aquarius. They are quirky and fashion forward and are always up for experimentation when it comes to their sartorial...well life choices actually. Shop our Revival of Phiran Co-ords for an edgy spin on this timeless classic! Shop for PKR 5198 at or in stores today! Who’s the rebellious Aquarius in your life? Tag them in the comments below!

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