Go Powder Blue This Spring!

There may be more than a dozen shades of blue but we're crushing on the powdery kind. Because why wouldn't we want to resemble the sky on a fresh spring day?

If you’re digging powder blue as much as we are, then GENERATION’s “Skies Of Romania”, “Silver Opulence” and “Darling Daydream” collections are for you. From solid-coloured separates to using the shade subtly in stripes and floral applique motifs, you can go all-out crazy with the shade or keep it minimal. Join us as we style our favorite powder blue pieces: For the desi in you: A simple no-fuss button-down goes well with jhodpurs, gharara pants, shalwar frayed denim, or even the Skies of Romania Palazzo featured below – the options are endless! For the minimalist in you: You can even keep them buttons open and use it as a jacket over a white tank top for a casual day out with friends. Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/skies-of-romania-tunic For the desi in you: Let’s take a moment to appreciate the flare! You can keep it desi with an off-white slim-fit kurta and a colourful hobo bag! For the minimalist you: We’re picturing this with a white crocheted crop top and bucketloads of bangles. Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/skies-of-romania-culottes-17287 For the desi in you: Here’s a readymade option with matching separates. Pair it with a pair of rounded sunnies, peshawaris and jhumkas for that desi swag! For the minimalist in you: Keep it chic with pearl studs, and nude pointed heels. Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/silver-opulence-coords-a-17942 For the desi in you: Just look at the image carefully and you shall have your answer. Plain white gharara pants are your saviour and an Afghani choker paired with a braided joora will take your style game up a notch! For the minimalist in you: You can pair this flared number with white cropped palazzos or go for a denim-on-denim look for a casual day out! Remember to keep those beachy waves flowing! Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/skies-of-romania-peplum For the desi in you: Ruffles ain’t going anywhere! Now, that we have the declaration out of our way, let’s see what we can do with this apart from pairing it with tulip shalwar. Cigarette pants will look perfect for those boring meetings at your workplace and cropped breezy culottes for those impromptu GTs! For the minimalist in you: Well, ruffles really aren’t for the minimalists! But if you must than black tights might do the trick. Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/skies-of-romania-ruffled-top For the desi in you: You know what? It is time you stopped playing safe! Get hold of a white or, even better, a powder blue cotton sari and use this blouse as…well, a blouse! For the minimalist in you: Striped palazzos or the denim ones featured above will make this top look much sleeker. Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/darling-daydreams-top For the desi in you: A wide-legged cropped shalwar (yes, there is such a thing) is your best friend. Seriously. Add a funky stole with tassels to make your day even more interesting. For the minimalist in you: Wear it as is! Yes, it is long enough to be a dress, but if you wish to keep your legs UV-protected, then capri pants and a white skirt can really get you brownie points! Buy it here. https://www.generation.com.pk/darling-daydreams-tunic

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