GENERATION’s lounge-wear collection that’s easy, but not sleazy.

Alas, Ramzan has passed and all we are left with is the aftermath of those countless pakoras we sneaked onto our plates, guilt free. The hottest days of the year are upon our heads and our closets await a much needed edit. With daylight hours greatly outnumbering night ones, most of us can’t seem to bring ourselves to change into somewhat respectable clothing till at least half the day has gone by. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Those old tees and raggy shalwars you’ve been hanging on the back of your bathroom door for far too long. Lounge wear being a trend has made life a much, much happier place. Essentially, we can now live our lives in pyjama like clothing. Luckily, we have just the solution for you. After attending countless ‘kitty parties’ flaunting the latest three piece joras, wouldn’t it be nice to kick back and relax in comfortable yet chic clothing? Aren’t we all looking for clothes we can walk out of the house in without looking like we just rolled out of bed (when we all know we actually did)? Well, here’s where ‘Boho Florals’ by GENERATION come into action. Comprising of flared trousers in striking bohemian African patterns and paisleys, this lounge wear collection has all your summer woes sorted. This easy breezy collection is perfect for the gym (don’t we all wish?) an early flight, a casual dinner or even a quick school run. Guaranteed to make you look like sleeping beauties BTS (between the sheets) and on the streets for sure! Take this number, for example, constructed in soft twill fabric, this understated yet funky piece is guaranteed to turn heads. Pair it up with a solid monochrome kurta for a daytime look, or simply a tucked in silk blouse for that effortless chic look. If you needed another reason to roll into bed, here it is. These no effort trousers in soothing pastel hues look straight out of an ice cream shop. In this blistering heat, give your poor eyes a rest by pairing them with a loose cream kurta or an oversized graphic tee and sun glasses to give off that effortless ‘I just rolled out of bed like that’ supermodel vibe. There are a number of options you can explore to satisfy your new found love for lounge wear. These pieces will give you another reason to never want to leave your bed for sure. But you WILL have to leave those comfy sheets to get your hands on these babies…oh wait, you won’t! Shop them at your nearest GENERATION store and on!

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