Fuss-free dressing for Nursing Moms

Babies! They’re springing up like daisies aren’t they? If you’ve been bestowed with a bundle of joy recently or are looking to get something thoughtful for the new mom in your clan, look no further! So all you girls fretting over how one’s supposed to fit an infant’s head down the ‘galla’ of your kurta or through the ‘daaman’ of your ‘chotay chaak wali kamiz’ ,that too in the middle of a shopping mall or a meeting at work? Because let’s face it, they’re ALWAYS hungry… This one’s for you!

The Baggy Buttondown

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Its trending, it’s cute and it works for all ocassions, trust us when we tell you that buttondowns like this oversized Toshi Yoshida print shirt are going to be your best friends throughout your breastfeeding journey, they instantly give you a polished look and you just have to flip open a button or two and its pop drop and slide!

The Elasti-waist top

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You want to show off that banging bod you’ve worked so hard to get back, but the tiny tot still needs to be fed?! Go for an elasti-waist style like this: Coastal Living batwing top, it cinches in all the right places and is flexible enough to accommodate your hungry youngling.

The Zipper top

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Isn’t it a wonderful time to be alive! Zippers have transcended from a utilitarian tool to a full on fashion statement. Edgy moms can go for zip-front styles like this Block Collage shirt and add some utility to their feeding duties!

The Boho dress

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Motherhood is often the gateway to the unleashing of your inner bohemian, or let’s face it, you just want to be comfortable, and what’s more comfortable than no pants! With a full length style like this Kashmiri dress, you’re ready to go in a jiffy. It’s a statement and a half and with that button down neckline you can adhere to your feeding duties instantaneously! Let us know your styling secrets in the comments below!

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