Discovering Iram Riaz, the girl whose sapna came true with “Saavan rain ka sapna”

While the ‘Saavan Rain ka Sapna’, our Eid campaign title literally translates to ‘a Midsummer night’s dream’, it was in fact the culmination of a very real dream for our jewellery partner Iram Riaz. Iram has grown up nurturing her inherent love of the arts and crafting beautiful wonders with her hands. Flowers, she remembers have tickled her fancies since her very childhood, she lovingly recalls going to the nursery with her father every spring and planting flowers all around her house, even lining the staircase with miniature pots blooming with spring blossoms, often attempting to recreate their natural forms in play dough or clay. Recognizing her crafty talents early on, she was encouraged by her father, a carpenter by profession to further explore and fine tune her skills and make a career out of her passion, introducing her to artists and his contemporaries who helped her hone her craft and delve into the jewellery making business. Fast forward by around a decade, and we find these delicious ceramic jewellery pieces in our studio, perfectly sculpted in a range of bright summer hues. We are swooning over the find! ‘Aren’t they delicious?’ Khadija chimes in, ‘Serafin’s neighbour makes them, and we should use them for ‘Saavan Rain ka Sapna’!’

A little back story here;

A. Serafin is Khadija’s son’s caretaker. B. We had been on the hunt for styling inspiration for the campaign for months!

It was a revelation! The pieces just went so perfectly with every look! The invisible blossom rings! The hanging raat ki rani jhumkis and tika, the chambeli studs! Yes! Iram was giving us life and if we say so ourselves, stole a bit of the limelight in the campaign!
Invisible blossom rings
Motia studs
Raat ki Rani Jhumkis
Motia chaman tikka
Naranji gulab hoops
When she saw the campaign film starring her majestic, fine ceramic jewellery, to say she was elated would be an understatement, struggling to hold back her tears she told us ‘Every woman needs to view this film, feel the message, and embrace the beauty she holds inside of her, which she often fails to recognize. It is a visual splendor that we can’t help but shamelessly plug in, basically everywhere! Watch the video and Iram’s beautiful jewellery in the link below! Iram does custom orders and can be contacted at +923051364243, however do be patient with her, she’s never kept a phone before so she’ll take some time to get the hang of it :)

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