Crystal Curious? 5 Colours and Crystals to Wear for 5 Different Moods

Are your sitaaray in gardish? Or are you just feeling grumpy for no reason? Maybe you're in need of a creative boost. While we can't confirm that colours and crystals will magically erase all your problems, we’d be lying to say we haven’t felt a surge of calm when holding selenite or felt a lift in our hearts from wearing a feminine, pink outfit.

Colours are proven to have a huge impact on how one is feeling so it’s important to dress the part if you are manifesting some positive vibes.

The age of crystals is officially here and it’s their time to shine (pun totally intended). Let's explore how these 5 popular crystals and colours can combat 5 moods and channel all the positive vibes you need.

Feeling Anxious?

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Not just a pretty face, Amethyst is full of healing properties that balance the nervous system. It not only promotes healing and balance, but is also known to aid in a good night’s sleep.

Purple and its deep hues invoke feelings of peace and calm. So the next time you’re tossing and turning in bed, slip into a cosy purple outfit, and try placing amethyst on your bedside drawer. This calming crystal will melt away your anxiety! Pair it with a purple outfit that is bound to bring a surge of calm if you’re feeling jittery and on edge.

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Feeling Unlucky in Love?

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Forget diamonds, Rose Quartz is the real love stone. This pink, heart based healing crystal radiates pyaar and mohabbat, compassion and all around good vibes. The colour pink brings about feelings of inner peace, emotional protection, self love and forgiveness.

So the next time you’re suffering from a toota hua dil, reach for rose quartz instead of that Hico ice cream tub, put on your favourite pink outfit, (this Scheherzad Pink Bling Suit will do the trick) and show the world that self love is the first step in any romantic journey! Shop this jaw dropping three piece adorned with gold foil print details online for Rs 7798.

Feeling Burnt Out?

Known as the stone of success, Citrine is the perfect crystal for people in a demanding career. The colour orange generally promotes a sunny and joyful disposition towards life and if your sadness is career related, we highly recommend citrine as it dissipates feelings of self doubt.

Carry a small piece in your purse to manifest that boss babe hiding inside you. Pair with our Native Nomad Tangerine suit. This chirpy orange suit is bound to give you the boost of confidence you need for an epic work day.

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Feeling Superstitious?

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Do you suddenly find yourself feeling superstitious? Paranoid? The black tourmaline is the embodiment of a kaala teeka that wards off buri nazar. A kaala jora, a taweez or simply surma laden eyes of a new born baby all indicate that the colour black has long been associated with protection.

The crystal’s deep black colour can help repel any negative energy before it has a chance to get near you. Wear as jewellery around your neck and pair it with our Rustic Charm Bandhani kurta to amplify the effect. Shop this hand embroidered beauty for Rs 7898 here.

Feeling Down for No Reason?

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If you’re afsurda and don’t know why, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty. You need to channel the energy of the colour white to clear your muddled thoughts. This is no task for an amateur - it’s time to bring in the big guns,the master healer - the Clear Quartz.

Much like its milky white appearance, this crystal is bound to wash away all doubts and fears and leave you feeling clean and pure. Clear Quartz is one crystal you need to keep around for a quick mood boost. Amplify your Zen mode by opting for a no fuss, white kurta for those chaotic days.

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Which colours and crystals are you excited to try out first? Let us know in the comments below!

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