Can’t Quit You: An Ode To Dresses

GENERATION's love affair with winter dresses In the hot seat today: The Dress. This garment is as timeless as they come. Across all cultures and eras, different versions of the long dress have been adorned (and twirled around in). From gowns and maxis to anarkali and pishwas, we have wholeheartedly trusted dresses in fashion because of their effortless grace and comfort. We’ve compiled a list of the perfect OTTD ideas that are totally Instagram worthy. GENERATION’S love affair with dresses and why you need to invest in them! They never really go out of fashion. The elegance of a long, flowy dress is unmatched and the charm is still there and could be styled in multiple ways, over the years.

All that Drama

Shop this textured African Kutch trusty bestfriend online for Rs.2,498/-
There is something so bold yet understated, so theatrical yet simple, in the way you carry a long dress. No matter how you tweak the dramatic flair of a dress to your liking, it’s always there and that’s what makes it stand out. There is a certain romance about a dress that just makes you want to run down a fancy hall or dainty corridor without a care in the world. I personally love how dramatic my go-to winter wedding combo looks.

Fabulously Versatile

Shop this Bail Bootay printed flared dress for Rs.2,698/-
When in doubt, go red! This dress is a floral dream with just the right amount of color play. I love it solo; it speaks for itself. Dresses look amazing plain or printed, simple or pleated, accessorized or solo - just have fun with them and put your own spin! Do you rock fusion outfits? "Bail Bootay”- as the name suggests, this dress is like a garden-turned-garment. With a black backdrop, the flowers shine through in the soft drapes of the dress. Shop this in stores for Rs.2,698/- and see other styles from this collection online.

A lazy girl’s go-to

Shop this Floral Bail Bootay Dress online for Rs.2,698/-
Floral fanatic? Rock those luscious, locks for the ultimate dreamy-aesthetic queen. Simple dresses are great for every day wear with a crossbody bag or a satchel and fancier ones are amazing for night outs or weddings. Whatever you choose, your dress-centric outfits can never be boring.

Your Trusty Best Friends

Shop this textured African Kutch trusty bestfriend online for Rs.2,498/-
Trust me; plains are your best friends. This solid African Kutch purple dress can be paired up with so many different things and that’s the fun of it (printed koti and color-blocking tote bag? Any style you choose, your lazy day savior is a dress because it adds that oomph you want, without a ton of effort, basically look stylish as hell without looking like you even tried ?
Shop this Taary flared dress online for Rs.2,998/-
A solid base with minimal design, this dress inspired by miniature motifs of sub continental prints is literally like a starry night. This definitely calls for some antique silver jewellery! GENERATION dresses, this fall and winter, will not only fill your gallery with twirly boomerangs, but the wide range (plains, prints, tassels, angrakhas, buttons…basically all your favorites) means there are endless styling options. From traditional looks that look regal and ethereal, to contemporary and fusion looks that are unique and original, the dress will never let you down!

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