School’s in and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be in a total celebratory mood. Let’s face it: you’ll get to escape ammi ki daant and abu’s disappointed grunts when you order food in for the third time this week because there’s daal at home AGAIN. You’ve also had a chance to escape the scorching summer sun and it has done wonders for your skin and you just can’t wait to flaunt it.

Now there’s absolutely no reason left for your back to school wardrobe to not reflect your mood and your glamorous skin!

Time to assemble your arsenal of essentials to get you through the school term. Trust GENERATION to bring forth the freshest (and affordable) of designs for your back to school wardrobe.


We have just the right outfit to curb those Monday blues! This multicoloured striped top is your personal cup of happiness for the day. Adorned with pom poms to add to the cheer, get this Tropical Pixelation top for PKR 2498/- online.


Thank God Monday is over! Now celebrate with a hint of understated bling as your make your way to Chemistry class (yuck!) The Gulistan Sheraz top is embellished with beads and a subtle tilla details with a print blocked base. Get the top for PKR 2998/- online.


Congratulations! You made it halfway through the week! Now pretend to listen to your ongoing lecture in class all while day dreaming about biryaani and thandi cola.

Now channel that biryaani ka zarda rang and get this top to match your thoughts!


If Biryaani ka zarda rang is not you, get this Tropical Pixelation checked top for ONLY PKR 1898/- online today.


It’s Friday Jr! Get ready to party. Let us prep you for the weekend ahead. To get your mind off the boring classes ahead, why not opt for a colourful option today? Get this Siam Express tunic for PKR 2598/- ONLY online today!


Get ready to do the bhangra because Friday is finally upon us! Sit back and relax because it is the last working day of the week. Get the easy breezy Moroccan Fiesta collared tunic for PKR 1898 ONLY/- online.

Have you re-arranged your back to school wardrobe yet? How ready are you for the next academic year? Let us know in the comments below!

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