A Kurta For Every Mood

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up feeling so clear headed and cheerful that only a crazy coloured kameez can match your spirit? Or maybe one of those days where the world is full of possibilities and a crisp white kurta embodies the perfect blank canvas? Or maybe the Monday Blues call for something a little more sombre? Expressing oneself through our choice of clothing is one of the most empowering aspects of fashion. This Spring let that expression be colour. From Manic Mondays to Slumbering Sundays, we've got you covered with these 30 kurtas. Kora kaghaz White is your colour for days when you’re feeling inspired and need a blank canvas to go all out crazy. Wear that ethnic jacket that’s lying at the back of your closet since times immemorial. Garaj Baras On Mondays, or any day your energy reserves are as low as Pakistan's gas reserves, all you wish is to have the energy Ali Azmat's channelling in this powerhouse of a song. And our colourful kurtas will help you do that. Hawa Hawa… …Ae hawa khushboo luta de! And isn’t spring all about khushboo of the blooming flowers and fresh breeze? So, if you’re in a ‘hawa hawa’ kinda mood, opt for our breezy blues! Abhi Mood Nahi Hai Kal Aana Sajjad Ali sang it back in the 90s, and if we’re being totally honest here, we get those feels more often than not. So much so that on days like these we think twice before saying yes to garam garam chai! And in dire times like those, we opt for comfortable shalwar kameez in earthy tones. Chaandni Raatein They say, spring is the best time for star-gazing. So to take maximum advantage of the chaandni raatein, adorn the jewel-toned dresses and become a part of the starry nights. Woh Humsafar Tha A song dedicated to the wardrobe staples that stand the test of time. These murky shades – from greys to browns – are tucked away in a corner, just like our humsafars, and are remembered only when they’re most needed. That makes it only about five days a week or so. Billo De Ghar The day has arrived when your billo (FYI: the term is gender neutral here) has broken free of his/her amma jaan’s eagle eye, and you’ve finally gotten the green signal. Since you defo need to make a statement when you're going to meet someone special, why not go fiery red? Mehndi Ki raat aayi... ...mehndi ki raat! And it's time to match your clothes with your Becca Opal highlighter. Choose the brightest, boldest hues, pair them with your blingiest jhumkas, and you’ll be dancing at your own mehndi soon; if you’re single and interested that is. Otherwise, here’s your chance to play dress up!

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