6 Things you need to add to your wedding trousseau STAT

It seems like just yesterday we were complaining endlessly about the sweltering heat and chilly December days are upon us already. And we all know what December is synonymous with in Pakistan. Yes, you guessed correctly - weddings!

Weddings can be quite chaotic for most of us - especially when we have so much on our mind. There is so much focus on the main event that we often ignore the most essential items - the underdogs, so to speak.

Here’s a list of wedding items you didn’t know you needed, to add to your wedding trousseau now!

Statement Shawls

Want to make an impactful first impression? We have just the thing for you. Nothing screams “nayee naveli dulhan” than a deep red shawl. Pair it with any solid outfit you have, throw on some zevar and you’re all set to play the part. This gorgeous, lush shawl with intricate work will steal your heart, especially with the glitzy hanging heart tassel detail. Get this heirloom piece for only Rs 12,000 online!

If red is not your thing, check out this teal beauty for Rs 10998 instead.

If you want to go all out, this heavily embellished shawl is for you. This velvet shawl with heavy tilla embroidery is finished with a gold lace and screams royalty. Grab this novelty piece today for Rs 21998 online before it runs out!

A Classic Velvet Outfit

Shaadi season is a piece of work and it doesnt end there. There are hundreds of post shaadi dinners to follow. And we get it - dressing up can be really cumbersome. Do yourself a favour and invest in a classic, solid velvet 2 piece. You can easily dress it up or down as per the occasion and it is guaranteed to make you look elegant without breaking the bank. Buy the Serbian Snow Queen 2 Piece online now for Rs 8298 and thank us later!

A Retro Tissue Ensemble

This retro fashion is back in style! If you don’t have a tissue jora in your wardrobe, you’re seriously missing out. A must have for every newly wed, a tissue jora is unapologetically glamorous, effortless to style and looks good on everyone! Grab our Sahibzada three piece, complete with a jacquard dupatta online for Rs 12998.

Padded Hanger

Wedding clothes are extremely delicate. And for most kaam walay joras the heavy work can cause the clothes to sag and rip the shoulder seams if they’re on a metal hanger. These beautifully padded hangers are soft and guarantee protection for your precious garments. The embellishment on the hook is the cherry on top to get you in the festive mood for your big day! Plus, they’re made from surplus fabric so they’re sustainable too! Grab them here for Rs 300 only!

Garment Cover

You know what they say - extra protection is always better. Increase the lifespan of your precious garments and save them from dust and sun damage with these beautiful patchwork garment covers. Trust us, these kitschy covers will breathe life into the dullest of wardrobes. Get them here for Rs 450 only.

A Potli

Collect your post-shaadi salaamis in style with these cute and easy to carry embellished potlis. Get them for Rs 800 online!

If you’re a bit on the unlucky side and have been hit with all these adult responsibilities right after your shaadi, you’re now on the giving end. And like a grown-up, you now have to give eidi and the works. Good news is you can be fashionably sad. Get a hold of our pouch it envelopes for just Rs 150 each online.

Now that you’re all sorted, rush online or to your nearest GENERATION store and grab these limited pieces before they get out of stock.

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