5 Reasons You Need to Add Puffs and Cuffs to your Winter Wardrobe

Bringing back the 80’s sass! Haan haan we know Corona is a major bummer and all your holiday getaway plans have been completely ruined by it; but there really is no need to be so glum. It’s time to uplift your mood and what better way to that than to dress the part! Channel the party vibe of the 80’s and pump up the volume because unmissable puffy, cuffy sleeves are back with a bang!

1. Puffy Sleeves are the ultimate cool girl approved trend.

Super en-vogue now, puff sleeves have made their way into the fashion scene and it seems like they are here to stay. We know everyone is probably tired of your dramatic declarations of how you would rather do anything than being stuck at home so this time, leave all the drama to your sleeves and let them do the talking!
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2. Puffy Sleeves strike the perfect balance between romantic and edgy!

Puffy sleeves are the epitome of romance and somehow create an amazing balance between romantic and edgy. They are perfect for you if you are a minimalist who prefers to pack a subtle statement. Puff sleeves are your best friend if you want to transition a 9-5 dress into a night out piece. Simply style with some ethnic jewellery and you’re good to go! This playful style means you can stay casual from the waist down, (perfect for video calls) and still look like you’ve gone all out. Shop our Aftab Hearts embellished shirt for Rs.4698 online today!

3. Strong, cuffed sleeves are a power move!

Sleeves are often ignored but the raaz ki baat is that they are the ultimate power move if done right. And cuffed sleeves have enduring appeal because they are powerful, they mean business and they scream no nonsense! Our Nominal pleated shirt with wide cuff sleeve detail and a pleated front would be the ideal choice! Get it for Rs.2498/- today!

4. Cuffs make fashion practical!

Need to get your hands dirty? If you’re something who possesses haath ka hunar, or simply a foodie with way too many kurta’s spoiled with saalan stains, you would know that cuff sleeves are a problem solver! Simply pull them back up and get down to business!

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5. A statement sleeve can spruce up any outfit

Love experimenting but are on the shy side? The perfect way to explore the fashionista in you is to experiment with cuts on solid colours. The puff and cuff are the ultimate combo – the Amal and George of the fashion world. Take our Nominal statement sleeves shirt for example - a simple, understated ensemble with a hint of flair and drama in the sleeves. Upstage the dated effect of the sleeves by pairing this outfit with some contemporary jewels. Get it for Rs.2498/- online or in stores. How much do you experiment with your clothes? Let us know in the comments below.

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