Let us remind you all that Barri Eid is just around the corner. We weren’t even done counting the calories from meethi Eid and before we knew it, the prospect of devouring all those barbeques and chaamps has got us dreaming again! Oh well, let’s focus on the important matters at hand and forget about our calorie counting for a bit shall we? Eid is all about family and festivity. The holiday season can be a tough time for the cash strapped millennial who has a long list of gifts to buy. (Hint: the new Kylie Jenner lip kits) We know times are tough, money is tight and Eid is fast approaching. We also know you’d rather not spend your travel fund solely on buying Eid presents for people and no one likes being the Grinch when it comes to giving gifts. Your budget might be tighter than the skin of a forty year old aunty with Botox but hey, you can at least afford to spend time and effort on buying a gift for a loved one. This refreshingly easy to follow Generation’s instruction manual will tell you how to buy the perfect Eid gift on a budget without maxing out you (or your daddy’s) credit card and make everyone’s heart melt like warm butter.


We all have that one laid back friend who is almost sartorially challenged. Gift them this no fuss plaid red kurta. For JUST PKR 1998 you can paint a perfect picture of the concerned and caring friend by literally handing out a solution for their wardrobe woes. Ideal for people who can’t be bothered to change 400 outfits (hint: us) every time they step out of the house in this sweltering heat, the Plaids Kurta is the ideal Eid gift and is a no brainer to pair with. Shop here and in stores today!


Now THIS is what you call the ultimate deal. It goes without saying that timeless style classics are the smartest buys but we’ll say it anyway. Do not shell out a small fortune on trends that will come and go especially if you’re shopping for a traditional person like your mum or aunts. Our Caravan co-ords are a combination of a loose fit shirt with gathered detail at the cuff and elbow. What’s even better than the eye catching pattern, is the fact that the shirt is paired with a checked dupatta. Currently at a sale price of PKR 1999 only, this is definitely a STEAL! Gift it to ammas, khalas or even your grandparents to instantly become the favourite suljhee huey beti this Barri Eid. Shop in stores.


Get ready to be the family favourite (and instantly be forgiven for the countless times you ditched the family lunches) by handing out these awesome kurtas from our Ghalib collection in a variety of colours and designs. Perfect for the artistic people in your life, these pieces with their wistful poetry and nostalgic prints are the ideal pick for a lover of art and culture. Gift this to your young cousins studying art and design. The best part is that the ENTIRE Ghalib collection is under 2K! Pictured here are The Mastani Tunic PKR 1798 and The Dastan Shirt PKR 1798. Both pieces are available in stores and online so shop now!


This piece is for that one sophisticated person in your lives whose grace and ultimate chicness cannot be emulated. This pretty pastel piece is available in two colours- lilac and powder pink. A straight fit shirt with slit sleeves, the Sardinian Rugs shirt is for just PKR 1698 almost dirt cheap if we may add. If you call powdery pink amazingness dirt, that is. Subtle and fashionable at the same time, this is the ideal gift for your fashionable friend. Run to your nearest store or simply shop online today!


You know that one of a kind girl who is a bit odd and peculiar in her own way? This is for her! Forget about the regular patterns and designs everyone is wearing. This girl is different and deserves to be treated as such. She doesn’t have time to be bored or dress boring. A spectacular composition of quirky elements, our Little Mix shirt is the perfect pick for that special fun person in your life! For just PKR 1298, shop at your nearest store or online here. The word SALE is music to our ears. Every year, at Generation’s Annual Summer Sale, you can find items for basically pennies (okay maybe not, but it sure feels like it). Here’s how to do it right without sacrificing too much of your sweet, sweet cash. So before you swipe your card, do your research…well, technically, we’ve done it for you (you’re welcome). And while we’re at it, let us let you in on a special secret. Since Barri Eid is around the corner and we’re feeling festive, our special Eid gift wrapping is also an added bonus for all the Generation shoppers out there. But before you start shopping, remember, it’s the thought that counts. Happy gift hunting!

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